Core77 Facelift

… sometimes the best haircuts are the ones no one comments on … or something like that?


That you can search portfolios through the schools section (brilliant)

Hate (dislike):

That you can’t search the blog by topic like clicking “coroluv” at the top of a coroluv post and see all the past ones…
That we don’t colab more on the boards, check out how much commentary this one blog post caused:
Design Schools: Please start Teaching again.
Maybe when someone clicks comment on a blog post it could jump right into a forum discussion instead of what it does now?
That there are not more studio Bullitts


I like the photo galleries just because I like to flip through like 50 images fast and then move on, I like the way the CES ones were laid out, I’d like to see more of these. style.
Speaking of, how about some design reviews? Reviews of Senior shows at schools? Who’s where features?
The new blogger: hipstomp is funny and he digs up some great stuff.