Core77 Facelift

When did Core77 get a facelift?

I read most of the stuff from the main C77 page via feed reader so I don’t drop in on the site all that often. I did today and it looks nice and clean.

It’s been this way for quite a while.

it’s been a couple of weeks now i believe. i live the more simple look and more importantly the wider display

We made the change at the beginning of March. We’ve been waiting for someone to say something, but no one made a peep!

We’re in the initial planning stages for some significant changes. This was just a warm up for bigger and better things scheduled for this summer.

With that in mind, I have thre questions to post:

What three things do you love about

What three things do you hate about

What things should we do more of?

I actually have a lot more questions than that, but this should be enough to get started. Please reply, and tell your friends to reply also.

I love the Blog
I love the Discussion Forums
I love the Studio Bullitts

I don’t like that the Photo Galleries look like an afterthought of the website’s design.

The Calendar & Events page should be reformatted…look at Google’s calendar and events…they do a decent job.

The Books & Links is also another place you have to dig deep into to get information.

… sometimes the best haircuts are the ones no one comments on … or something like that?


That you can search portfolios through the schools section (brilliant)

Hate (dislike):

That you can’t search the blog by topic like clicking “coroluv” at the top of a coroluv post and see all the past ones…
That we don’t colab more on the boards, check out how much commentary this one blog post caused:
Design Schools: Please start Teaching again.
Maybe when someone clicks comment on a blog post it could jump right into a forum discussion instead of what it does now?
That there are not more studio Bullitts


I like the photo galleries just because I like to flip through like 50 images fast and then move on, I like the way the CES ones were laid out, I’d like to see more of these. style.
Speaking of, how about some design reviews? Reviews of Senior shows at schools? Who’s where features?
The new blogger: hipstomp is funny and he digs up some great stuff.

Isn’t it about time for a new logo? That type face has always rubbed me the wrong way.

How about a design contest for the new Core 77 logo?

First prize is …???

how about the ability to export the calendar to ical/outlook? or email a listing?

Love the blog and forums.

Are the forums going to be given a makeover?

Some specific responses:

  • We’ll be opening the blog up in terms of categories and tags to make it more easily navigable.
  • We’ll be making everything ‘related’ so that when you’re looking at an article/blog/bullitt/photo/calendar entry you’ll be able to see other related items.
  • Photo Galleries - we’ll be tightening up the design of everthing - at the moment there are a lot of loose ends.

    More questions:

Studio Bullitts seem to be popular (among this very small and unscientific sample). We’re thinking of running them straight through the blog rather than in their own content ghetto. Any thoughts on that?

Calendar/Photos - we’re looking at integrating flickr photo sets from events so that everyone can publish galleries of event coverage. Is this something you’d like to see or would participate in?

Connections - We’re thinking about allowing networking connections through event listings. “See who is attending this event” kind of thing. Would this be useful? What other networking features would be useful?

THanks for your input - the more the better.

are the kendo warriors at the top left new or did I just miss that before?

i dont remember seeing them there before

The Kendo fighters are part of the facelift. So they are new, as much as the whole header is new.