Core77 Distilled

I love how core77 turned into a pathetic blog bits link site.
Is there one lonely chick sitting there linking tidbits of other people’s blog entries?
Isn’t this the self proclaimed “INDUSTRIAL DEISGN SUPERSITE”?

It seems that the only thing remotely “ID” is the average of about 3 out of 10
forum posts.

Great articles for an international supersite representing an entire profession:

“HUH? Agency” Great comedic site. I think we all need MORE sarcastic wit-attempting GOOF spoof site. (that was sarcasm).

I loved the link to the 50 cent match book blog tit bit of 1 paragraph. Wait, I just learned how to click my mouse, maybe I can go read other blogs on my own.

The new Core77 = the premier blog link page. (*may or may not have anything to do with ID)

The forum will never be 100% relevant. Partly because we are all working in such varied fields and partly because like everyone else, we designers love to BS. :slight_smile:

As for the blog…I’ve been disappointed too. It strays far too often into advertising for elite design in my opinion. Once a week though, I am directed to a superb article or website that gives me something to think about.

Such as that great article on Chinese design about two days ago.

If you know a better source, let 'em fly my friend!

or as they say in the IDSA thread, if you don’t like it, get involved and help to make it better…