Core77 Design Guides. Any Ideas?

Hello to our Core77 community! I wanted to reach out to get your thoughts and opinions on a recent editorial effort of ours. We are currently working on providing a series of guides to our readers of products and services intended to better their design practices and help them gain access to helpful resources. We’ve put together these lists as a starting point for our community of designers and design-fans:

What will set this guide offering apart from other websites is that it will be powered by our Core77 audience of design experts. As a community resource we wanted to make feedback and personal experience the key value offering of this collection.

With that said, we’re hoping to gather some information from our audience to learn how we can best cater to your needs. Do you have any ideas for types of lists that would be of use to you or other designers out there?

While we hope that all Core77 users leave comments and upvote, we know that it takes a little spark to get things moving. We’ve created a new Core77 user designation – “Community Expert” – that elevates any product/service recommendations made and gives the user added visibility on the site. So, another question: if you have knowledge or opinions you would like to share, would you be interested in putting a list together? Feel free to private message me if this is of particular interest.

Again, these guides will rely both on your expertise and opinions in order to thrive and provide the most helpful information to our design community. Any suggestions are welcome!

Customer research
Design for manufacturability
Risk analysis
Prototyping (more than 3D printing)

Interesting idea.

A few questions to better understand how this works…

Do suppliers on the list pay for placement?
How does someone (supplier) get on the list?
Do Experts get paid for voting or a cut of the affiliate $?
What makes someone an “expert”?
How do you manage the voting/avoid conflicts of voting with a stake in the rating?
What differentiates the “Popular” vs. Expert picks?


You can peruse some of the forums for topics that seem to come up often.
Quick thought: laptops/desktops/operating systems for various designer activities

Thanks for the feedback and questions.

Do suppliers on the list pay for placement?

  • they do not, but if there is demand for it, we may add in some “featured listing” thing

How does someone (supplier) get on the list?

  • there is an “add listing” button on the lists, anyone can submit

Do Experts get paid for voting or a cut of the affiliate $?

  • we haven’t figured this out, if we just have a few experts we’d probably pay per listing, or do a monthly retainer

What makes someone an “expert”?

  • it perhaps is too strong a term? But we were thinking it would be about experience and knowledge demonstrated in some way

How do you manage the voting/avoid conflicts of voting with a stake in the rating?

  • we haven’t figured this out, it could be open, or it could be regulated in some way. We wanted to open it up to see if it is a problem.

What differentiates the “Popular” vs. Expert picks?
→ popular is upvotes, expert picks will be made by the “expert” (or whatever we end up calling them) users


As in: “what’s the recourse if I think I’m getting stiffed?”

Great. Well to have anyone who sums up a single-paragraph list of a topic be given the name Expert is being overgenerous, but say someone has 500+ posts, has been on the forums for over a year, and writes 3+ more in-depth guides I would say it’s great to have a group of Community Experts like that.

With an in-depth guide I mean at least providing specific information regarding contents/services and data such as comparison tables on at least 5 aspects.

My ideas for list-like guides are:

  • Material innovations per year they came out + proven suppliers
  • Emerging disciplines and technologies related to Industrial Design, and key organizations
  • CAD applications including the latest AR/VR trends
  • Historical Design movements, their key players and flagship designs, including more recent aesthetic trends
  • Different product categories and key resources for examples and trends
  • 3D model repositories
  • Graphic design repositories

I have recently created an in-depth guide on 3D printing online service providers. I would be happy to enrich the list or work on others. Let me know!