Core77 design awards, 2023

I’m interested in the opinions of the other folks here. I seem to be in a mood this morning and either I’m way off or maybe my displeasure isn’t that far off.

I won’t comment on the other categories, but after working in the medical device field for 30+ years now (yes, maybe I’m old and irrelevant), I feel qualified to comment on the health and wellness category. And what I see is a disgrace, elitist crap obtaining an award. It is like the judging took the marketing drivel in the entry form as gospel truth and never actually viewed the actual market for these products.

I’m not saying these ideas shouldn’t get a shot in the marketplace, I’m all for the free market. But what I will guarantee is that these “winners” will be the same old story about design, “award-winning” flops. It’s a shame, design wants a place at the adult table and yet we keep on endorsing trash. Speaks volumes.

This is where my brain typically goes when contemplating bicycle design award winners.

I don’t have experience in the medical industry however, so at least for the winner and runner-ups, I’m not seeing the main points of your critique. Perhaps a reliance on a smartphone for the pregnancy kit is a breaking point.

The student work doesn’t benefit/suffer from marketing drivel so its easy to just contemplate it as conceptual.

First, student work always gets a pass. They should be allowed to explore any and all ideas. They should not be constrained to any economic realities.

Which is my gripe certainly with the top three in the category, and more if I did a deeper dive. None of those will ever get adopted into use because they are entirely cost prohibitive. Innovation = new + impact. Those products will never get any widespread use, they will never have any impact on the market. No impact, no innovation. Yet they get an award for innovation.