Core77 Conference - NEED HELP with a place to stay

Hi Core77 readers! Are you interested in helping out a fellow design professional in a BIG way?! I’m very excited to announce that I just signed up to volunteer for the Core77 conference but I’m between jobs at the moment so finances are a bit tight. I would love it if someone(s) could do me a solid and split a hotel room or if you’re local just let me crash on your couch. I’m super clean and would be appreciative of any help I can get.

Need proof about how AWESOME I am and not at all weird or a creeper? Just check out my LinkedIn… or if YOU are creepy then maybe stock me on Facebook. Whatever you’re into. I’m simply looking for somewhere to sleep and shower September 28, 29, and 30th. Can’t do all those dates? No problem, I’ll make it work.

Please email me directly at if you think you can help me out. Thanks!