core77 blue fom shoe..

Ok, footwear gurus, any comments on the new core77 fila shoe,?

From what I can see, the colorway looks interesting, but not so sure about the very thick old school midsole. Kinda looks like an open mold skate shoe or something?

also, for sure the tie in with the modelling (blue foam) is cute, but whats with the umlaut accent and all? Is that how it is spelt in the US? From my experience the product I have used for coutnless models as i recall didnt really have a name…

anyone planning on copping a pair?

Anyone know any more details? materials, price, etc.?


I’m guessing that the logo is a derivative of the Dow chemical mark. They’re the owner of the “Styrofoam” brand name. And I’m also assuming that the umlaut is just a “designerly” take on the word “foam” as I assure you that’s NOT how it’s spelled on this side of the pond. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking it looks like a skate shoe as well…I wonder if the Core77 crew has some sort of makeshift skate park setup in their offices…???

well,i am by no means a footwear guru but can i just say

THESE SHOES ARE HIDEOUS!! Sorry but I really would have expected Core77 to come up with something a little better, and more original


I think I can fill in the blanks on this one; Phil Russo (my old manager at pooma) is the director at Fila now and has always been involved in the core parties in ny so i’m sure its due to his involvement. I’m not sure why the umlaut either but the stuff is called blue foam in all the design schools i have ever been too (that would be only one btw). its probably more of just a ID tie in that happens to be from Fila b eacause thats where phil is at now …


Not a skate shoe, but definately an open mold of an old tennis shoe.

cheap, cheeky and down right ugly. Much like 90% of the Blue Foam models ever created :stuck_out_tongue:

I stand corrected.

If Rivington, Alife, and Others are carying a Limited Edition run it must be good looking… :unamused:

YEA NATE great pic.

maybe the second edition could pull off a DOW “super- tuff-R” series

Hahah. LOL: Sad, but true… and like blue foam, perhaps releases toxic gases?

Fall winter 2008 holiday collection Fila Super 77 spraymount LE mid :wink:

Yeah, with the name core77, how could they miss with this colorway:

Or go retro:

wow, that brings back memories. i was in love with spray glue, and always bought the “good stuff”, that earlier can of super77.

true, i dont know how they missed that link up with the “77”…

not that anyone i would guess has extra time, but anyone got any other ideas/sketches for a good core77 shoe?

also, im surprised the core77 management never searched the footwear forum here for ideas, thoughts, etc.

seems to me that blue foam core shoe is a disaster that could have been easily prevented with all the great professional footwear talent right here on the core boards!


I really think it is their original presentation of the shoe. I really like the concept and the potential is has/had, but I think the photos did not do it justice.

Interesting connection to design (blue foam)
Colaboration with Fila (different from the norm)
New/Interesting material (not just a color way)

Needless to say I copped a pair to check them out and to support Core.

P.S. Has everyone seen the new video and photos? Thats more like it!

you guys know I love you (core77) and it is quite the collectible, but imagine if it looked more like this: uhm, but blue:

via cool hunting:

That blue foam shoe is pretty damn ugly. I hope they have a lot of friends, otherwise somebody is going to have 300 boxes of unwanted shoes in their apartment.

I don’t mind them – might even wear them if I could afford a pair at the moment. I don’t care for the FOM moniker (what’s wrong with “foam”?) but the rest seems okay to me…

more pics here…