Core77 Blog picture size problem

Searched the forums but couldn’t find related topic.

Each time I click on an image (in a blog post), it brings me same size in a black background, or sometimes even smaller size. What’s the point on clicking to expand it?

I love core77 and I think images are big part of visual experience for blog posts. As designers, we value visuality and like to see things in great detail when click on an image. Hope someone could fix it:)

(attached 2 screen shots when image is clicked, or in original post)

I’ll forward this to the HQ team.

Hi Fatihy,

Clicking on images in the blog post will show all images in any given post on a black background, with no text. The intent is to quickly show all the images as a sort of slide show.

When a writer uploads images, they can choose to show them in three sizes - small, medium or large. In the specific article you point out here the writer placed the images at various sizes just to give the post some variety.

The display size for blog post images is 880px wide. All images in any given post, with the exception of the title image at the top, are stored and shown at this width. Unfortunately, we typically don’t get images in large sizes to begin with.

Based on your feedback we have updated the icon, replacing the magnifying glass with the slideshow icon. Hopefully this will be less confusing to readers.

Thanks Stu!

Thank you!