Core sucks now!

I agree. But tbh, I worry that this place will go the way of many forums I’ve seen. Example:

How cute. Core is becoming The next thing will be people saying how their belief in Jesus has helped them through the unemployment dry spell. And a clique will form around this little group; some will join, others will avoid.

There are good and bad with each. Perhaps a balance of the two is a better option. It certainly does appear that the forum has been vacated by a few regular posters. Without opposing viewpoints, there is no discussion; with no discussion, there’s no opportunity to learn.

And will somebody please light a fire under that “Research” discussion. My god, that’s the best reason I’ve seen for avoiding post-graduate education in my life. It’s so dry in that thread I’m actually hoping a few “sparks” will fly (go get’em Bruce).

I agree it did seem dry, too roundabout/abstract for my tastes. But my question is you can’t post something and “light a fire” there yourself because why?

"Please note that this is a “guest roundtable” directly involving only our three guests and the moderator. If you have specific questions/comments for the panel, it is possible that they might be incorporated. Contact brutha-at- "

look like no one here can. yaaaaaaaawn.

now you have to register hahaha.

“i’m back as i promised core77 once they fix the registration. eyho”

The ego has landed.


Registering to Core worked out well.
Now there are the same useless threads posted by idiots we see everyday on here who want to get there post counts up. You know who you are … loser people who think they know about design and have all day to post because they are not busy designing for a living.
Congrats Core!

That’s THEIR post counts up, not THERE, just for the record… uhumm, rack one more up for me on the board please.

Many people with high post counts actually have low post per day averages, they’ve just used the same login name for several years…

you can see post per day counts by clicking the “profile” button underneath registered guys’ posts.