Core sucks now!

Way to go scewing up the boards. Nobody wants to sign up and login to post crap.

Isn’t that the point? :unamused:

Hopefully this will keep some crap off the board.

so leave and dont EVER come to this site again.

see if anything changes for anyone.

What really sucks is all of the data from the past is no longer here.

I slightly agree with Cheeze…

I am not very impressed with the change. Especially considering that this is CORE 77… “The Design Mag and Resource site”…

I guess what bugs me about the change is that this new layout is very “MSN-like”… C’MON NOW!!.. You call yourselves designers!!.. Try some originality next time you want to change things…

Nuff said.

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…"Look at me!!.. I love emoticons!!!.. and this new blue, white, orange, clean look… Oh wait a minute… this isn’t MSN Messenger…[Be Right Back]

Their new logo looks kinda like something a heavy metal band would come up with :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Not that there is anything wrong with metal bands, but I was expecting some euro-style gaga.

all of you

I would like to commend the core staff with their newly designed website. While it lacks the originality, and certainly the spice of the old site, it does offer many new features that streamline and enhance the discussion environment. I thank them for the improvements, even if it means a loss of style.


Well, it appears that whatever software they were using previously had issues with registration. And looks like they’re still converting graphics - hope they clean it up quickly; the remnants of phpBB are a common eyesore on forums across the net.

Nice to see there is an “Unregistered”, kinda-anonymous forum (“freedom” of thought can certainly be punished), but trying to have quasi-adult conversations here may become next to impossible and I imagine all the worst stuff will funnel itself here. This place may become overly nasty. A shame, imo. Researching issues over the past year to make (or attempt to make) educated comments has been beneficial for me, at least. I’d never read a Congressional Bill before. Nor gone so deeply into or given so much thought to subjects which, on their surface don’t appear design-related, but which actually have relevancy.

Anyways, I hope it works out.


p.s. “Sorry, but this username contains an invalid character such as '.” Bummer :frowning:

Great we can now add 20 cutesy “emoticons” and put our text in different sizes and colors but still are missing what should have been the most important upgrade:

ASpel Chek Buttin!!!

unfortunately this board’s design is a cookie cutter, off the shelf discussion board software.

great job guys, the only difference between this site and quite a number of other boards is the colors…

even most bloggers have a better creative streak… :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

so what do you think happened? the investors looked at the bottom line? the other one’s content was too embarrassing? someone needed a to upgrade their Audi?

i want to congratulate the core staff for making a good decision.
no matter waht anyone says about the design, the discussions needed a better solution and this is the right direction.

I agree with the above about archive posts and I hope some way can be found to make these available. (incidentally, I have a rant post at discussions about their discussion board not having posts older then 11/02 even though the advanced search has an option for posts as old as 1999.) There was a lot of really good information that remains valid to users.

the lack of spellcheck what with all the other add ons is a bit disapointing

The package that runs this board is PHPBB. It is a free software package that can be installed and is built to run a BB system. The server is a Linux server, hosted by our friends at Media Temple.

We at Core77 certainly do not have the resources to develop, test and implement a custom BB sytem. Its not about upgrading our Audis, it is about staying in business to make this system available at all.

It also makes no sense to write a custom BB package, when there are numerous packages already written and available.

Sorry that we’re not able to customize the interface more, but if anyone wants to make a donation to the BB Customization Fund we’ll be happy to hire the experts necessary to make changes.

Also, the request for a spellcheck feature is valid, and I will look into the possibility of installing that as an add-on. As I mentioned, this is a free, Linux package, and there are numerous developers around the world that are working on creating modifications and add ons to enhance the system.


Core77 Management

so you guys Do drive Audis? :stuck_out_tongue:

graphics could be customized more. have a competition. people submit new bb designs using phpbb. dont need linux. php is available for almost every OS.

How bout getting rid of registering to use the other boards. Why do you think no one is posting any new topics in the other areas. People don’t want to register to use this.

If the amount of responses go down but the quality goes up then I say

“Viva la Registracion!” :stuck_out_tongue: