Core Store

Has Core considered opening an on-line store to help monetize the web site (more than just advertising)?

I’ve seen the blue shoes and a few T Shirts on Core 77, but what about going big time with some high-design items. A combination of MOMA and MUJI and everything between. It takes nothing to set-up an Amazon store and let them do the fulfillment.

There could be a corner of the store full of hard-to-find ID equipment (sketching pens from Japan, etc.).

Just an idea. As long as ID people are visiting the web site let them drop a few bucks.

Productdesignforums is already doing it…

I think it would be a great addition, especially if it has a high end selection of proffessional and hard to find products, not just knicknacks.

was given the shirt as a gift too, looks great

good idea, but i suppose more work (sourcing, warehousing, distribution, administration, etc.) than the expense would return. just my thoughts.

maybe a better/easier to administer thing would be to create an etsy like marketplace where users could sell their own stuff (ie. books, DVDs, small items hand produced, etc.)?.. core would get a cut, but not really have to do much except provide the forum for the sales and maybe some sort of “stamp of approval” for certain things.


Now that’s a good idea.

I think they should definitely include the featured books that they have on the Core77 main page. I’ve bought several of them because I saw them on Core, and I would gladly pay a couple extra points for the referral…

I bet Amazon does drop-shipping too, eliminating inventory and hassle for someone setting it up and running the store

If you’re interested in publishing your own digital IP (DVD, Books, etc.)…think anything Amazon can sell… is a great entry.

The dropshipping, warehousing, etc. is work, but there are a lot of systems in place that make it easier than it was even 5 years ago.

The world is shrinking.

after seeing the 100th page listed on the sketch foo… I had a thought; Core should make a coffee table book with the excellent design work posted onto it’s pages. Maybe a thread like that in a book or just a random smattering of artworks…

I’m sure there’d be lots of issues with copyright, etc… but maybe not if designers gave their ok in some sort of simple way

Would be a definite buy for me

Good idea Trav, that would be a nice anniversary type of book, 20 year maybe?

That would be a massively awesome book! sorting it out to make a “best of” would be intense… maybe a yearbook?

while we’re dreaming, it would be cool to have some code to give people who visit core77 discussions a vote or a “likey” on images or great posts/threads, much like like in Coroflot portfolios, to autonomously log the good stuff… top 100 items with the most likeys would get published…

I really like the idea of the book. Another forum that I go to a lot does that with photos. Check it out at, and search for the yearbook. Its pretty expensive, but an excellent book. The biggest problem is the screening process to get published. Someone would have to put some serious time into it.

Ask and ye shall get books and stuff.

If you haven’t checked the Store tab lately, go check it now – Store - Core77 – there’s a new book section at the bottom, with a cool dozen Core-fave texts available through the new Core77 A-store on Amazon.

A few of the titles are fairly obvious: Alex Steffen’s Worldchanging and Stefan Sagmeister’s Things I have learned in my life so far. Some are a little more obscure: Gadget Nation, for example, and Koos Eissen’s massive (and massively expensive) 5th edition of Sketching.

This is the internet, of course, so things are subject to improvement, change, and expansion, and open to suggestion.

I agree, great idea, 20th aniverasary would be sweet