Core portfolios trusted?


I am looking at Core portfolios and wanting to know if they can be trusted? How do we know the work a person show is their own work? How do we know wether they went to the schools that they list and if they did good at those schools? We can ask the designer but if they lie once won’t they lie again? How do you decide who to trust?


If you have doubts about someone’s work or experience, just ask for some references. If you have first hand knowledge of certain quetionable items, you can always ask specific questions to get more information out of the prospective designer.

I wouldn’t think Core portfolios are any different from others in this regard.

I agree with Max. You will always get a few that will lie. That is what interviews and references are for.

I have heard stories of people putting stuff in their book that they said they did when they were part of a team and did a small part of the work. You find out very quickly if they are doing this. If you hire someone fulltime there is usually a trial period in the US. Lying is grounds for dismissal in the US. I’m not sure if the person can get unemployment compesation if they are fired for this.

Usually if there is a trial period, it is written into the paperwork that either party can terminate employment without repricussions…so probably no unemployment.

I don’t think anyone is getting a job soley based on a corefolio. Word about people that steal work for their portfolio tends to spread through the industry like wild fire. People who do get in a way"blackballed" this way.

work will be stolen. misrepresented. not much can be done except trial employment (which can screw honest applicants). schools should be checked. usually arent. bigger issue now. East Europeans w graduate degrees. or not. who knows in the U.S? or Masters means Bachelors in some countries. or just schools overseas w different language. hard to confirm. on resume but not attended. these issues extend beyond ID.

imagine more than a few Core portfolios not honest. but not limited to Core.