Core Boards NCAA Bracket Challenge

Attention college basketball nerds! Any of you designers out there ready for some March Madness?

I started an “Unofficial” Core Boards Bracket Challenge group on

Here’s the link to the group:

Join the fun! Selection Sunday is this Sunday 3/14!

(Note to Site Mods/Admin, if this is a problem let me know and I will change the group name immediately, no questions asked.)

i’ll be in… as long as i remember to do it.

Action starts Thursday! If you’re interested in some Core bragging rights, join in the fun!

ok, im in.
might be some swapping around in the next few days though, but i think i have the right amount of upsets in there to give me a chance :sunglasses:


Nice! I haven’t officially filled out my bracket. I’m still looking for inside info… probably won’t find any, and I’ll be rounding out the bottom of the pool as usual.

yea, on these electronic ones i generally fill it out right away off gut instinct then i will swap some pics after i listen to digger phelps spout off about sienna or something like that.

In it to win it

Go Duke

Go Kansas!

Hope no one had Winthrop to win it all…

1 hour left! Sign up while you still can!

damn you georgetown! :imp:

Ugh. Damn you Marquette!!

Agreed. What happened there?!

I went to bed last night cursing Vandy. I dreamed about cursing Vandy. I woke up this morning tired, groggy, and still curing Vandy…

Wow I suck at this. Better not quit my day job! :laughing:

Be calm. A few key losses, and you’ll be right back in the mix.

Like UNI beating Kansas. (Which I’m completely psyched about because I hate Kansas, and it killed me to pick them.) I should have stuck with Kentucky.

'Cuse bites the dust…my WVU pick for the championship may not be so bad after all.

That’s what I’m talkin about. Especially this year, anything can happen.