core 77 = whining, moaning yanks (occaisionally intelligent)

how do i get into this company, how do i do that, how do i wipe my own arse, GET A GRIP ON REALITY FOR F***** SAKE

okay you have several questions in this post i think the best thing to do would be to break the questions down a bit more

e.g. What type of company do you want to get into? How do you do what exactly? Do you feel inclined to scrunch or fold?

this will help us all to give a better response

also what does F***** SAKE mean? there are only normally 4 asterixs and so i am confused about what other words could possibly fit in here?
any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m a “yank”, and while I agree with your comment, you just came off as a whining, moaning Brit.

By the way, we won the revolutionary war just so we could whine and moan on design forums. Remember the time we bailed you guys out of WW2? That was awesome!


classic core! it’s posts like that that keep me volunteering here at core. You can’t get better entertainment!