Cordura Nylon Patches?

Any of you bag design (or outdoor enthusiasts) know of any Adhesive Backed Cordura patches? Anything I’ve found is a glue-on process, and I can’t lay the material flat to patch it.

Here’s my scenario. I have a Burley Child trailer that has been dragged on the ground a few too many times, and now there is a tear in the Black Cordura (I don’t know the denier, sorry) where the material wraps around the tube frame. I’d like to patch this with an adhesive patch that I can wrap around the affected area, mostly to keep my son from sticking his fingers through the hole, and preventing some water from leaking in if we get caught in the rain/puddles. I certainly don’t expect it to be water tight, because the whole trailer isn’t water tight.

Any thoughts?

Avast thar Matey, be this somthin’ what like ye be lookin for? Arrrr…

Close… it might have to work. I was hoping for Black Cordura to match though. This does look like it would get the job done if its the only option.

tent patch -<>prd_id=845524442237517&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302803669&bmUID=1267557093513

There are a few others as well-

should do the trick…


You can follow “sailrite” on facebook, man facebook is going to be dead by summer.

man facebook is going to be dead by summer.

… may it R.I.P

Let’s hope so…