copyright text for spec images

Hi all,

I was contacted by a company (small one) in the field of lifestyle accessories in Europe in case i have an idea related to their product range and they have seen my work (which is mainly conceptual) and they would like to discuss partnership opportunities in case i have something more “down to earth”.
In fact i do have a project (idea) that few years ago won a red dot concept award (but it is low-tech) and i would like to send them few images to review and if interested then to discuss.

For this reason i am looking online in case there is a text (quite small one) that i could place in each image as a copyright protection. Do you think the { Copyright © year by author. All rights reserved. } is enough or even the fact that it has been granted an award, in case there are any copyright issues would be sufficient?
Yet i have not found something that i feel is right for this case.

or something like this is very formal or too much for a concept review? :

The Designer shall disclose to the Recipient the Information, which relates to the following:

Purpose: The Recipient agrees that this disclosure is only for the purpose of the Recipient’s evaluation to
determine its interest in the commercial exploitation of the Information.

Limitation on Use: The Recipient agrees not to manufacture, sell, deal in, or otherwise use or appropriate
the disclosed Information in any way whatsoever except as expressly provided above, including but not limited to
adaptation, imitation, redesign, or modification. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to give
Recipient any rights whatsoever in and to the Information.

Any idea or any text you use in similar situation would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Your text samples read like common terms included in all Non Disclosure Agreements.

Really, any copyright text is adequate. The argument can be made that less is stronger, i.e. ©2012 steppenwolf All Rights Reserved. However, there are many complications. The company is in a different country and you are now relying on the strength of the Berne Convention and Universal Copyright Convention to be followed, copyright protection is not automatic.

You are sending a company a design unsolicited, they did not in fact directly solicit the specific design you are proposing to send. You would be better off opening negotiations for a specific product design(s) or design activities, and payment method - fee, royalties, etc. Or other relationship building activities other than sending any design data unsolicited without prior agreement. They have already noted your design skill is of interest, do they really need more convincing?

hi pier, indeed the text i provided above is a shorten version of the more detailed text i use as NDA. What you mention is relevant and up to the point.
The company is not actually asking to hire me per se, but i guess they would be willing to sign a contract if i would provide them something they think it may be of interest to them. Thanks for your input!