Copyright Stamp

I’m thinking of making a stamp, which I want to put on my work and sketches.
By doing that I try to make a copyright statement, allthough I know that it’s not solving the problem, but at leats it’s a way to mark your sketches and ideas.
Second i think it’s just nice branding and a mark of professionality.

Does anyone have tips of what to put on em? like this example

Interlectual Property of:
date (which you will fill in by hand)

or examples are also welcome…

Where are you working?

I just sign and date everything. I don’t leave work anywhere other than the office or home, so I don’t see copyright as an issue. What has prompted you?

I recently started in a Masters Course, where a lot of papers and sketches are exchanged with co-students and with mentors.

As i mentioned above it has a double function for me…

I have seen people do this. I personally think that it is a little over the top, but I can understand the appeal. The guy I saw do it put a logo on there as well. His little mark. It added a little extra flavor I suppose.

I just sign and date everything.

There are a quite a few things to be said for a unique signature like, 1) it is immediately available 2) it is scalable to any size 3) it can be rendered in any color 4) it is acceptable in a court of law 5) it is highly adaptable 6) it’s free 7)… … .


Syd Mead

Frank Lloyd Wright

you get the idea…

Can you imagine how much time it took for John Hancock to sign his name? Look at that thing! Amazing!

^^ That’s why I’ve developed a simple sig. My name’s too long to write it all out without getting crazy busy, and I figure this way it’s less visually distracting on sketches. Also allows me to sign a credit card slip when I’m wasted no problem. Plus I often adapt it to the length of whatever line I’m going to sign on so just gets longer (or shorter if it’s supposed to be initials, I use the same, but less long).

If I do have a straight line to sign on, I also make it into a little sketch exercise and try to pull the line perfectly parallel in the signature as the line it’s supposed to be above. geeky, I know. :slight_smile:

I also always like albrecht durer’s monogram/sig.


As a side note, you’ve seen I always sign my posts “R”. I do this in email a lot, and while I’m not sure when/why it started, the funny thing is I often find people I write to for some reason feel compelled to copy the formatting. For example, I’ll get an email from John Smith, and he’ll address me as “Richard”, and sign it “John” or “John Smith” . I’ll write back addressing him as “John” but sign it “R”. He’ll write back addressing me a “R” (or Richard) and sign it “JS” or “J”. Kinda odd, and it doesn’t bother me, but I always wondered the psychology behind it…

I also always like albrecht durer’s monogram/sig.

ditto… .

An old girl friend, whose name was Claudia, preferred to be addressed as “C”. After we got to know each other she explained that as a kid her ornery classmates would taunt her with the abbreviated name “Claud”, the homonym being “clod”. C was 5’10" and anything but a clod.

As for Mr. Hancock’s signature, I’d bet we would be surprised how quickly, and effortlessly, he produced it. My grandfather’s handwriting was astounding … I would even describe it as calligraphy (beautiful writing). Not too difficult to understand when you consider that he was born in 1893, and lived in a period when ones handwriting was an important skill in business, as well as an indication of ones education.

With my granddad’s “hand” as a bellweather, I developed a rather distinctive signature, but I have noticed over the past five years or so that it (as well as my sketching ability) has deteriorated quite a bit. Whether this is due to age, or some neurological malfunction, I can’t say. But I can say that it is irritating as hell. My sig is now more of an abbreviated scrawl… . :neutral_face:

Make that 3. I believe he was inspired by the little sign offs on Japanese wood block prints which were awesome. This also inspired the little red square the FLW adopted, who was a collector of Japanese prints.

Picture 3.jpg

nice. R