copying other peoples designs

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present (notice the lack of a name here)

Fancy Claim,

Care to put money where mouth is ?

You and every other nameless person that is good freinds with famous designers.

If you know so many of them, why are they not here in this forum with you ?

If you are so famous for what reason are you wasting your time here.

Please enlighten us, oh great one

chill dudes…

I’m intrested in where all of these people fit,

what do you think, who is the original ?

Interesting responses. And there is a relevant thread for me. I know Scott Wilson (the questionable post above) from working together in the past as well as collaborating afterwards. It is with him and working on some of the same projects that I got to meet and know Lovegrove, Rashid, etc. and I know he has gone on to collaborate with even more. And I didn’t say I was famous. You don’t have to be famous be friends/acquaintances with “some” of these guys.

His link to his site is not working and I have not seen it in the last month or so. I am going to send him this thread to get his comments especially since I asked him a while back why he didn’t show the rest of his work on his site that I know he worked on with me and others. His excuse to me was he wanted to but not without a more dynamic site that could tell the story behind the product and give collaboration credit etc. and link to other people’s websites that he respected and was inspired by. Too much time I guess. He also said he wanted to do education section with web movies that had behind the scenes stories on his products, how things were made, development stories, in place of not being able to teach. I suppose he isn’t doing much extra work now that he had a son this year.

Night all

Freakin hell!!! Get home ready for a solid 4 hours of sleep and check my email and you send me this damn link, you famous ass!!! :slight_smile: What’s with this famous/not famous BS? Not to mention it looks like f’ing DiscountDomainRegistry has f’ed my domain renewal on my studiomod site. Just what I need as I try to exit the work world this week for a vacation. I hated that name anyways. I hope someone grabs it.

Maybe I will start killing these PBRs in my fridge and start my vacation early and post this…

Also thanks the anxiety over how old that damn slideshow is on I am supposed to be getting ready to relax and not think work and you are bringing up stupid shit that is going to distract me on the beach. Ha, the slideshow was supposed to be a 1 week placeholder back when I was going to Milan in 2002 so I didn’t have to lug my laptop. What year is it? Yea, more work, more vizies, video, all that sounds great… but who the hell is going to do it. Me or Derek, right and we both have kids now and tons of work. BTW, ass, I have a baby daughter not a son. The video was your idea at Bar Louie remember. I would love to do it actually. Maybe when Derek gets free or we hire him full-time in PTown we can get around to it. It would be good to do this in lieu of teaching since Ptown has no ID programs. I also would like to do a network based site where all my virtual resources could be tapped whether I am involved or not. Anyways…

Oh, yeah, credit. That too. I am going to lay awake thinking I shorted someone on the site now… The new site which was supposed to be done in May 2002 :0 was to supposed to have team bios and credit. You can’t do anything alone, period. Whether it’s engineering, development, manufacturing, sales, research, design, etc. I really need to do that so I can show all the other work… And looking at the image folder right now for the slideshow everything had bunches of backend credit needed. As far as design however, there aren’t many things. I tried to limit the slideshow until I could get the new site up to only things I either designed the majority of or did 100%. Of course I have people telling me that I should show all the stuff that I directed and someone else did the hands-on but I don’t feel that is cool + I don’t need to.

I’d like to promote undiscovered talent more. I just did a spread for one of those fluff design style mags and totally used and highlighted the design work from a guy in Nike Japan’s mailroom and a girl from Starbuck’s. There is some serious undiscovered talent out there that we should be partnering with, promoting and collaborating to make the end product better. These talents, which range from street artists to DIYers, etc. have really fresh perspectives which are not tainted like ours.

The 3 things of 30+ that do need credit on my current site if it goes live again, for the record.

  • Sunbeam Humidifier with yellow horn. Jerry O’Leary at IDEO was key on this… building and refining with me from my original sketch. He is killer. Miss him.

  • Swingline Orange Stapler – worked closely directing while at ACCO with Joe Graceffa @ IDEO and doing a lot of the hands on as well. Steve Berry raged on ProE.

  • Nothing on there is from Ross. I worked together with him on one project and redid some of his work but chose not to show this. All the other stapler/tools work is 110% mine. I’d love to know what specifically people think others did. And the Alias teacher who claims he designed is full of it. I can probably school your Alias/Rhino/Max teacher anyways… Shit that’s the PBR starting to trash talk. I have seen CAD models from Design-Engine, images in other people’s portfolios, etc. But I hear this from my friends from time to time that people try to pass my work off as theirs. Glad they like it enough to want it in their folio. If the Alias teacher was Frankie, he helped model the little green one but did not design it at all. Sorry.

  • The Oregon Series Watch was done by me and Jason Martin, ex-chicago guy. I popped the icon and made the first Alias model (which is uncannily 99% the same as production). He took it, ran with the design and scaled it through the whole collection including the UI flow, CAD details, etc. He is one of the best wingmen I have worked with.

  • And the small MP3 in the package. I didn’t do the player, Ed Boyd did. I did the package during a sick VanDyk set in Hong Kong. Looks cool, but as my wife said, it is the worst thing I have ever designed, impossible to open (thanks to BestBuy requirements).

Well that’s it. Everything else is 100% designed by me until I get the new site where I can put up things I design directed or collaborated on with credits… Anyone let me know if there is anything I missed or you want to call people on. I will send them an email if you want to freak them out. J

My co-workers and industry friends get a kick out of who claims what is theirs. It is a fine line obviously. And consultants need to put cool shit in their ads so they can attract new biz even when all they did was a sketch that looks nothing like what went into production… Good for them. Who cares? You know what you did and what they did. You can show the full development and tell the horror stories of getting it into production. They can’t.

Speaking of celebrity knockoffs. See this shit I did years ago.

Benjamin, Marc’s biz guy, totally freaked out when we accused him of knocking us off when we sent him this image and said we found it on the internet. That was good fun. And while we are on Marc guess whose turd I am polishing this week?

Have fun and don’t worry about who is doing what so much. We are all busting our asses with this addiction. What else would you rather be doing?

Thanks again for this email, P!!! Great timing. Now send me some free shit. I am always sending you shit.

Wish I had a White Trash Crepe to go with my PBRs… shit this is long.

“Better to burn out then to fade away” - The Kurgan, Highlander
Now that is a good PBR movie.

Andwaar, you are obviously new to the design industry.

Most designers are connected in some way (“name brand” or otherwise). We talk to each other often (not always about design). We all go to the same design events around the world. many of us share the same clients. Designers are not rock stars, we do not have an entourage of neophytes cocooning us from the rest of the world. Designers are business people, we network because it is our job to build our “brand” and keep our staff employed.

Like Bare Naked Ladies sing: “It’s all been done before!”

does this happen a lot (with any reputable designer)? not cool at all imo. i guess once you get to scotts level you have so much shit out there it doesnt really matter…

True story: In art school a student had his work stolen off the wall. A visiting high school field trip group was suspect. A few months later the thief applied to the school with the stolen work in his portfolio!!

its rear to see something truley original…Scott wilson is right there is alot of sick talent out there that need to be discovered, and unfortunatly there are alot of other people that dont have the same vision…

no vision, no idea