copying other peoples designs

Check out this site

if anyone is familiar with Marc Newson and Tom Dixons work you will find stuff that this guys has done very much the same or similiar…

is this guy trying to hard to be a designer?
is he a good designer…???
is he original???
what do you guys think?

You see a few of these facsimile desingers around these days. It is pretty blatant Newson and Dixon stuff. What is amazing is they are so unaware of how small the world is these days.

My friends at are some of the more talented motion graphics and Max guys around. obviously these guys think they are too:

Amazing ripoff. A facsimile. Nowhere near as good. If you are going to borrow or steal from someone at least do it better and adapt it to your needs…

Actually i have a feeling that derlot guy is very aware of those bigger designers and there work…come on if your in that industry your gonna know, i mean there work are in alot of magazines, online and books…

yeah i guess if your going to steal/borrow a design DO A GOOD JOB, but really if you were a good designer you wouldnt dare copy someone elses work…

Those guys at kdlab are awesome, ive seen some stuff from them before. are they young guys do they use Rhino or other programs are just all MAX

no real comment on the designs (am not really a fan at all of marc newson)

however i would like to comment on the website, I am sure that i am not the only one who absolutely abhors a website that opens in a different window and has none of the standard controls available. I can understand that a full screen website is nice and all but leaving the navigation to the controls that have been scripted into the page - not a fan.

I was also going to say something about gaining inspiration from other people’s work however the christopher streng site does appear to be a blatant rip-off of the kdlab site. Anyone have any ideas on the publication date of each site - easiest way to tell if one is a rip-off of the other

KDLAB is Joe Kosinski (Stanford Product Confusion Program) and Dean DiSimone (graphics). Young guys. Great to collaborate with. Joe just did all the background visuals for Madonna’s tour.

KDLAB’s site was around a year or so before streng.

Some of the stuff was well done, but way too predictable. I feel like I could call up any design firm and say, hey give me a Marc Newson pen, and they would have no problem cranking it out. There is no spontinaity to it, unlike my spelling. One of the sofa’s is very similar to one of Newson’s coat hooks.

Dude, the KD labs stuff is sooooo good. I came upon that site a few months ago. They have been working with a lot of the big boys so for someone to rip them off is very, very dumb.

yeah that first dude (delot) website i see a few things thats are too similar to Newsons and tom dixion’s work for example - the light installation i would say it’s a direct rip off to tom dixion with a touch of newsons ideas similar to newsons bucky installation at the Cartier foundation paris, and his monza sofa another direct ripp off to the newsons hook as mentioned by ‘YO’. i can not understand how these people call themselves designers… [/img]

The four or 5 as it wer of these guys all share some of the same clients

in Tokyo and know each other

Alexander, Marc, Tom ,Chistopher and Daniel all have done work with Idee and Sputnik and all hang out at the same bars in Milan ( bar Basso ) Brussels ( six pack ) London ( below 54 ) and so on. all for have been around as designers since at least 94 or so earlier (tom and marc) Im sure they might like each others work, or DKlab or whatever but it’s a good chance they don’t evey know who those guys are

Alexander has some very big clients, like prada and gucci, and though he or strengs or whomever may be impressed with dklab – they may not even know who thes guys are

sorry for the rub, but we live in out own little worlds sometimes and think everyone must know who picks who nose or what the flavor of the week is.

apples and pears

cheers mates

umm err bars and designers

alexander loterztain, both streng brothers, Newson, and Dixon
yes they are a pack without a manifesto. Those 5 and about 20 others
known loosly as the “Magis Mafia”. and you forgot about 10 other bars Mr. Sputnik. Like Idee Pad, Sweedish Embasy Tokyo, Super Delux, Half the bars in Notting Hill, Bar Magenta, ATM , and the list goes on…

there is in “Design” -as the press might say ( with a CAP D )- an “in” crowd, of which i or you have no part, so “F” these Guys, they all copy. they just don’t have a manifesto to make it all seem right.

They are no different than Karim, Jasper, James, Stefano, Micheal, Constantine, Stephen, Ronnan, Erwin, Lloyd, Pablo, Yves, Timo, Patritsia, Thomas, Murry, Wendel, Troy and the whole Bar Basso Design Mafia Lot. Design is a MAFIA Like it or fade away. Droog TOO…

basso fly

would you even consider the strengs or alexander in the same league as the others? it is like rookie league vs the bigs… about 4 levels/lifetimes away. there is a difference between CAD/rendering skils and what it takes to be a world class designer or even a solid go-to designer. whether you like the others or not they are significantly more experienced and legit.

would you even consider the strengs or alexander in the same league as the others? it is like rookie league vs the bigs… about 4 levels/lifetimes away.
I abhor this type of hierarchal design mentality. The age of the “superstar” designer is over!

actually so do i. let the work and the sales speak. but there there is a difference between hack and talent at any level of experience. or do you not see this? if not you are kidding yourself. all doctors, lawyers, etc are not created equal even though you have the tendency to trust and believe that they are…

it would be nice if superstars were over but i doubt we are going to change the press and public’s fascination and need to attach themselves to celebrity. once again you are fooling yourself. we are not the majority opinion holders in design. it is hard to change the tabloid reading, reality show watching, middle america. or is it even only middle america anymore?

Yes, yes, the same argument that I have read from the menagerie of self-proclaimed experts distributing scurrilous slanders. Although this pathetic bagatelle deserves nary a response, I would not let down my colleagues by failing to castigate this pusillanimous rabble.

I once more argue that these so called design “superstars” that are held in such high regard by so many a designer and layman alike has yet to contribute anything of substance. The true stars are those of us nobly engaged in the delicate operation of saving manufacturers in this country from immanent demise due to cancerous complacency, ulcerous unionism, and poisonous socialism. As we breathe life back into the patient, we are purging its soft, clement underbelly of the endemic and virulent anti-corporatism, degenerative yanqueeophobia and progressive democratic paralysis.

In peroration, if these moribund merchants of mendacity truly believe their message is so important why don’t they just go out and buy a newspaper chain and forget about design?

im sorry i find it really hard to understand Alexander to have clients like PRADA and GUCCI. Come on take a look to his work and even his website.
First of all i agree with some of the comments posted here, his works are not original almost straight out copys, not only he takes ideas from Newsons work but he also trys to copy Newsons website, by having a section in his website “Editions”.

Maybe im just being really picky but MOST designers out there know its not right to claim IDEAS that are not theres i find it really funny how these people think that they call themselves designers.

Companys like PRADA and GUCCI should know what is new, stylish, and good design, and clearly alexander is non of them. Sorry dude your designs are not there yet and you really need come up with a better website…

im sorry i find it really hard to understand Alexander to have clients like PRADA and GUCCI. Come on take a look to his work and even his website.
… … but he also trys to copy Newsons website, by having a section in his website “Editions”.

Maybe im just being really picky but MOST designers out there know its not right to claim IDEAS that are not theres i find it really funny how these people think that they call themselves designers.

maybe you are being picky, if you were to compare delucci to sotsass in the early 80’s you might say the same thing. but who says this of them ?

these guys are all a very tight clique, even the guys that have varying styles

many of these guys have worked for tom dixon or marc newson, that fact that they don’t formally anounce a Style or Cannon may account for some of your noticing the
sameness of the elements driving these designs.

ie Constantine Gricic worked for Jasper Morrison can’t you see it ?
Michael Young worked for Tom Dixon in the early 90’s can you see it yet ?
Jersey Semour worked for Stefano Giovaninni, beginning to see some patterns here ?

and you can bet Marc newson is well aware of Alanders work, Marc is very opinionated and up front, yet these two jave all the apperances of remaining friends

all these guys were either picked by the IDEE guy as style leaders
it is the same guy that is credited with discovering all of them
he used starck in the 1970’s newson in the late 80’s , dixon and jasper morrison in the 90’s, and these guys in the 2000’s.

so their destiny, promotional backing, circle of friends, press hook ups, and exposure are allready gauranteed. the fact that this guys picks designers and casts them in the role of " the next thing" certifies them to the press, book writers, cleints and exhibitors.

Newson was “discovered” by this guy in this way
as was “starck”
so too has “Alex” - so… other people with more weight than you seem to disagree with you, i hope you can live with that …

chewwy - “maybe there is a design mafia”


Editions is a common term used in that business
it refers mostly to “studio editions”

you need to get a bit deeper into this business
before you jump in and start making alligations

what field are you in anyhow ? are you in the us or eu ?

There is a legitimacy and credibility issue still with Alex and the Strengs. Everyone is influenced by others and inspired granted. But true designers can use that inspiration to take you to another place. Just massaging an idea or shape into another use or application is not really that legit. You can see similiarites between Newson, Dixon, Gricic, Morrison, Lovegrove… etc. Hell, it is visual trend and currents to some extent. But there isn’t this sense of ripoff for some reason. I think most of us see this. I know some of these brand name designers (some really well) and have collaborated with some of them and I wouldn’t say that they see the ones in question (and others) as peers to be honest. Imitation is flattery to all of us.

But that doesn’t mean that IDEE and others see them that way (if they do then they are pretty sheltered. there is sick talent out there as far as influencers of style and believe me these guys are not it)…

Me??? I would rather have the goods and the sales… the press and notoriety will follow that in the longrun vs. fluff. You have to put real stuff on the table at the end of the day.

…and the real stuff that succeeds in both the market and in the design eye. This is more rare than you think. What gets design press for the most part does not necessarily = consumer success.

Hummm, intresting conversation…

what about designers that show collaborative work, or work that is done somplace else as their own ? One might imagins that if there were a lack of legitimacy and credibility it would be from this type of act.

Did you ever notice that some hot shot designer studios tend to omit the credit if the studio hired to do the work, or designers that collaborated on these projects.

It not such an omission a more grevoius sin ? - ACCO and other items, some of these were done by other designers and/or collaborative works - including Ross Lovegrove’s studio, My Alias teacher in School has these same items in his Portfolio. - so what gives - past versions of this website, and their book show items designed by Lunar, and Frog Design in their portfolio - ie the Absolute tray, and one of the phone concepts - again what gives , where the credit to those designers and studios ? - how do they get away with that ?

maybe i can put Eames Chairs in my protfolio ?


yeh right

fat chance