Copy or coincidence?

I recently spotted a bike design on the web that is pretty similar to something I did a few years ago. What do you think? Are the similarities coincidental, or do you think my concept sketches ‘inspired’ this new design?

I just wrote about it here (Two very similar plywood bike concepts | Bicycle Design) and I would be curious to hear opinions from other designers. I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like a lot of the details are similar.

Update: Just to clarify… these are the original thumbnail sketched that I posted on my blog in 2008


Also, not sure if you concept would even work. I’m not a bike designer by any means, but looks like the bend of the sections is opposite to what it should be to be under tension so your would just collapse on itself.

I don’t think someone would copy a concept that doesn’t work, but perhaps they were inspired and and understood the physics needed to make it possible. It’s also a pretty obvious idea to get rid of the seat tube, so I don’t think you would be the first to try it.


Maybe look at this topic: Everything is a Remix

If it was inspired, then that means that someone thought your idea was good and decided to push it forward!

I am not sure that it would collapse, but I do agree that the construction was not worked out in my sketch concept. The bend around the bottom bracket in my drawing is too tight,and there are there are many other issues that would have needed to be addressed if the design had been developed further.

That is a good point, and I do agree. If the sketches did spark this new design though, I would just like to know. Either way, I am glad to see the idea as a functional prototype.

…and thanks for that link. Very interesting.

Thanks to both of you for the comments.