Copics and Airplanes

I’m going overseas this summer and I’ll be bringing my copics and my pens to do design work. I know some pens leak and some even explode when you bring it into the cabin (when the plane is already in flight) and I certainly do not want my copics exploding.

Does anyone know if copics are airplane safe? I probably won’t be taking them out on the airplane, but I will when i get back to ground. Will the pressure do something to the copics when I get back on land and open them?

Also, I may be doing sketching on the airplane, and it’s the same dealy.
My pens: Sakura Microns, Sakura Microperm, Staedtler pigment liners, and copic multiliners.
All of my copics are copic originals.

If anyone has advice, I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

They’ll be fine, not to worry.

only one of my microns have ever “exploded” but i don’t think it was from the plane. prismas, copics, hi-tec Cs are fair game in the air.

The pressure maintained within the cabin is referred to as the equivalent effective cabin altitude or more normally, the ‘cabin altitude’. Cabin altitude is not normally maintained at ground level (0ft) pressure throughout the flight because doing so stresses the fuselage and uses more fuel. An aircraft planning to cruise at 40,000ft is programmed to rise gradually from take-off to around 8,000ft in cabin pressure altitude, and to then reduce gently to match the ambient air pressure of the destination. That destination may be significantly above sea level and this needs to be taken into account; for example, El Alto International Airport in La Paz, Bolivia is 4,061 meters (13,323 ft) above sea level.

Essentially your pens have the same chances of exploding on the ground as they would in the air.

Pressurization is done in order to replicate similar conditions to the altitude of the destination / departure location.

Copic says it safe: But if you open them on the flight they recommend removing both caps to equalize the pressure within the marker.

Copics are supposed to be air and water tight when closed.

Of course, they don’t always pressurize the baggage compartment, so if you’re truly worried I’d suggest bringing them with your carry-on.

Yes, I’ll be bringing them carry-on. Would putting them in a ziplock bag that’s shut tight, work well too?

copics are fine - I used mine recently on a plane.

Actually they were far nicer to use than normal as the ink was flowing more nicely than usual.

One think I noticed was that due to the ink flow [multiliner SP] the markers were dragging the ink more. So did more outlining than markers…

I LOVE COPIC :slight_smile: