copic various ink refills

anybody seen these refills for sale anywhere ? they are about as common as hen’s teeth these days, the only places I can occasionally seem to find them is the art store at RISD (too far from nyc) and this place.

any links are appreciated

i just googled “copic refills” and got 10 pages of hits. sure one must be close to you, especially if you in NYC area where for sure there are lots of designers…


I get all my stuff from here →

thanks guys, i didn’t really look hard enough on the web to begin with (dick blick, utrecht art and the smaller art stores around the nyc are not carrying them anymore). my markers are drying out really quick these days, i guess it’s partly my lack of constant a/c in my apartment… anyhow, refills are on order !


What set or type of Copics do you like the best: Copic, sketch, Ciao?

I’m thinking of picking some up, but don’t really have the money to go testing each to find my favorite and I want to know which is the best for the money.


depends on the task - the sketch markers have a giant brush tip which is nice for looser renderings/sketches and the .Too markers are good for more precise controlled application. so, I have both :slight_smile:

Thanks Snugja,

Looks like I just have to suck it up and drop the big bucks.