What’s the best for ID sketching? I have heard that Copic markers are far superior than Prismacolors, but what should I get?

I would think the reasonable first thought would be, which one can you afford?

Best by reviews would probably be Copics over Prismacolors, but remember these are just tools that allow a designer to communicate ideas effectively or with more pizzazz. You will be the major difference between an awful sketch versus a quality one.

Other competitive brands also exist, such as ChartPak and Utrecht (the art supply store) has their own line of markers. Before you make any purchases also consider that some of these brands are refillable while others are not.

I have a couple packs of Prismacolors. Since I’m going to design school, I thought I would have to get better materials. I heard that you can refill Prismacolors by taking off the nib and putting more alcohol in the reservoir. I’m not as happy with the Prismacolors because the colors are a bit too intense, but it’s probably cause I’m not as experienced with these markers.

Before u spend hundreds on colors you dont need. Best advice is to just buy either 2,4,6 or 3,5,7 of any greys (warm,cool,neutral). When using markers always start light and build up. Make sure you get the same tones though, so for example: 20% cool grey, 40% cool grey, 60% cool grey.

In addition to those 3 markers above, get a few bright accent colors like red, blue, green, yellow. You will use those for lights on devices or arrows to show how your product works. Lastly get black.

In my opinion, those are the essentials. Buy additional color markers when you actually need them… i made the mistake of buying the package and ended up not using about 80% of them.

As for prismacolor or copics. Ive used both. For the most part its preference. Buy a few and try them out to see which one you like better. The copics however have an easy refill cartridge. Instead of buying another marker you can buy this refill cartridge good for 3-4 refills. To use it, you just tweeze the tip off, drop some ink inside, and then put the tip back on. Itll save u a few bucks in the long run.

I’ve had a bad experience with some Copic Ciaos, a couple of light greys have dried up within a couple of months. Dunno if they’ve been sitting on the shelf too long or something. Anyone else?

They work together also.

I’d buy a few color runs of each and go from there. The old Letraset (SP?) tri tipped markers with Pantone color names are really nice, the new Letraset markers S U C K. Do not buy them. The Letraset paper is real nice but Bienfang 360 flipped over is really my first choice (flip the paper over and use the side that faces the pads cardboard backing, it is smoother). The Copic paper has got a clear plastic film between sheets so you can really pool the markers.

I use prismas, copics, and Touch (good luck finding them) now when a letraset dies. You can inject xyline to bring them back to life for a bit if they dry out, fyi.

Prisma’s are so 1980’s. :laughing:

If you’re short on money I’d get my cool/warm greys (20%,40%,60%) then maybe get two or three Prisma’s. I like prismas better but copics blend so well

+1 what sketchroll said. Do go with Copics; just very few of them.

I only have a couple warm grays, a couple cool grays, and maybe 5 - 10 colors, none very dark/saturated.

if you find that you don’t like the way copics or prismas bleed your ballpoint sketch lines, use ad markers. they’re stinky but they’re good.

Anyone in the 80s used Design Art markers, the originals, not the #2s.

I won a design contest in school and won a 60-marker set of them. The ones I didn’t use, I still have. And they are still holding ink like they were 30 years ago. Awesome marker.

Design Art Markers, I remember them, you could smell them half-way around the block!

Copic’s are good if you have an unlimited budget or a hefty expense account, but honestly if you’re still in design school, I’d buy a few Copics (maybe 3 or 4 of them in one shade of gray) and buy Prisma’s and some Denatured Alcohol for everything else.

Prisma’s are fine as long as they haven’t dried out. We always kept a container of denatured alcohol (IPA) and a blunt-end syringe in the studio. You can pull the broad tip off with pliers, and inject some alcohol into the tube sponge. It makes working with them much easier, and will let you recycle some of your dried out darker grays into juicy, lighter grays.

But as everyone else said, spend more time sketching and rendering with whatever media you have and don’t worry about ‘which markers or pens’ you have.

Personally I like using prisma markers. BUT Copics although they feel expensive up front, they will save you money in the long run. Again buy only the colors you need. You don’t need to buy every single shade of grey or every single hue.

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Copics all the way