Cooper it worth it?

I am going to try and get into cooper union for architecture. I would like to know if anybody knows what the school is like. I live in Houston and probably will not be able to go visit cooper. I have pretty much decided to apply to Rice University, MIT, and Cooper.
I realize that this is an ID site but it seems that architecture and ID overlap somewhat and what I am wondering I am interested in the enviroment and prestige, I can find out about the actual architecture program from the instructors at my community college.

You should make this post after you have been accepted.

Cooper Union is really hard to get in. You said because you are in Houston you won’t visit the school? Well, if you are even good enough to make it to the interview, you will have to be there with your portfolio. By portfolio, I mean things that can beat some of the senior works from some schools.

One of my instructor was from Cooper Union. He said the test was to design a currency on the spot.

My room mate applied to Cooper Union. I say he’s very good, but he said when he got there, there were tons of people in the line who have much better work than he had.

So be prepared for the high expectation. Whether it’s worth it or not isn’t even a question.

I bet you can just as easily get your instructors to tell about the environment and prestige. The issue is really whether or not you have a sliver of a chance of getting in, as it’s much more difficult and competitive than pretty much any school in the United States (being tuition-free and all).

It’s like asking “Is Enzo worth it?”

Hell, you don’t choose to buy it, you get chosen to!

MSN had a list of the top ten toughest schools in the country(US) and Cooper Union was #1. That study included every college and university Libral Arts or Fine Arts form Harvard to Stanford. I don’t agree with YO! very often, but he got this one right.

To answer your question, its worth it.

Actually I would be agreeing with molested_cow, YO! didn’t post, my bad.

You don’t agree with me often?

It’s just yo :wink:

but let me put down my take and maybe we will agree. I say, if you can get in, go for it. Most people understand that acceptance to Cooper Union is an achievement.

Also, in the rare event you do get accepted, decideing whether or not to go to one of the most respected schools in the world is a nice problem to have. If you don’t get accepted at least you will know and 15 years from now won’t have that aching “what if I got in” feeling.

I think it would be great if more design programs attempted to match the selectivity and rigor of CU.

Didn’t Lebbeus Woods teach there? I love that guy’s work.

Frank, did we agree?

wow, thanks for the input. I guess what I meant was, is Cooper Union as prestigious and great as I have heard.

So, it would appear that I will be visiting Cooper after all. I didn’t realize I have to show my portfolio off but it makes sense.

Do they still have the ‘test’ to take?

molested_cow I was referring to YO! and YO!, I do agree. :slight_smile:

Good question. I’m sure it is a presigious as you’ve heard, but whether or not it is great depends on the individual. The question to ask if you get accepted is: is this the right program for me? In the end, that is what matters.

How do you figure that out? Ask to talk to students, professors, and alumni. It’s a lot of homework, but you can get a balanced feel for the school from all three sources usually.

Considering the tuition at Cooper. “Is it worth it” is a strange question, id ask “can I do it”, and as far as if its good, they create a good enviornment for their students, and as my mother always says, “school is what you make of it”, that’s what happened when I started going to public school with a bunch of retards after having been in private school.

Getting in is one thing.
Getting out is another thing.
I have seen handful of talented people who went to Cooper, depressed or turned their heads to drugs and rock n’ roll , clubbing day sand nights in NYC club scene…, and finally got dropped out from the program.

One guy pretended he is still going to Cooper, he got living $$ from his parents, and later disappeared.

There are lots of stories like these.
It doesn’t mean to scare you, but it’s what I know.
There are lots of different kinds of ppl even in top schools.
They can get good SAT and stuff, but some people can’t just figure out what life is about.