What do you think is the hottest shop in the city?

Another stupid question posted on the boards.

MOSS. best in the whole wide world!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in NYC, but I used to love The Apartment. NoLiTa-ish?

The Apartment went under last year - along with Totem, Terminal-nyc…

apple store,prada store soho, toys 'r us in times square, the niketown is ok-i don;t think its as good is the one in cali though. and i have heard that the NBC store is really cool too. transit is a nice store-and pearl is a nice art store.

I have heard of Moss but have never had a chance to check it out.

but new york has a lot of lil stores that are cool that its just too hard to remember the names-

Prada epicenter, SOHO

The Lounge… I love that place and I have to go everytime I go into NYC

american apparel.

simle. cheap. not armani, prada, or some other nonsense.

The secret, hidden, Puma store in the meatpacking district–

they carry allll of those rare, pretty shoes you’ve only seen in the european magazine editorial sections, and they also have the parts and pieces of their 96 hours line- and who on earth has seen that in an actual retail outlet? In the US? !!!

I loved the adidas originals store in Soho, and Stussy next door is nice as well. Apple is amazing. The Moma store in Soho has some very cool things.

this new store called tourist hell hole is also great