Cool toys

sometimes design should be fun.

From Critterbox

Designed by Flying Fortress graffitti artist!

by LA designer “MAD”

above available at

both from creator Nathan Jurevicius

these available at

Nice find!

There are many Japanese toys that you don’t get to see here, those with simply but great ideas, not really for kids but something you will put on your office desk and amuse yourself with from time to time.

yes! They are very cool!
I think the toys are all special now. These are compare with the toys in the past, it’s very uncommon to all. :astonished:

really so cool
I’m loving it

Has anyone seen that round solar powered animal character? It is this very minimal (very Japanese) character and when it gets a little sun light it’s “ears” start to move in a very nice slow rythmic (misspellleed) fashion. I have one at home- I’ll take a pic.

so lovely
and so special
and i want to know what size it is
it is made of plastic

Lovely,i also like it very much!

does anybody know how to get in that business? i’m pretty much fascinated with those kind of toy figures, but wouldn’t know where to start. it would be just great to be designing those things, or work for, say, the rednosestudio :smiley: .

cool!such unique style!!

ï¼´hey are so lovely!
These designs all very cool, is very interesting.
I like No.1,his color lets the human have pinches his impulse,
and his head looks like a fork.
I think that makes the design is “plays” on the picture is same,
must have the interest to be able to make good things