Cool Textures.

Hey all!
Need some help…on getting textures to work in Illistrator. I was going over the previous posts and came across a way to get scaned textures to be placed into Illistrator. I followed the steps and can’t seem to get Illistrator to let me use the Texture-Textrizer feature. Can someone point me in the right direction? (YO) are you out there buddy? Am I missing a step?

to add to the confusion I do it a tatally different way.

1 scan a swatch of whatever material.

2 save it as a .psd

3 open your line work in illustrator and shade the crap out of it

4 select the are you want textured and copy/paste it onto a new layer

5 goto filter>texture>texturizer

6 click Load Texture and select your file

7 screw around with the options till its cooked

This works great for leather, for rubber I usually just add a bit of noise. Check out these bad boyz (not mine, from a competition at…oh and don’t over texture, it looks flat.
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