Cool table

video speaks for itself:

Also is there a way I can post video directly on here

That table is amazing! It would have made Thanksgivings a whole lot easier when I was a youngster adding leafs to my grand parents table.

Does it have a name?

I almost want one.

clever geometry and engineering.

That’s actually nothing new at all. It’s a classic table design (as in Classical period). The video will show you that though because of the materials and form of the table.

David Linley of London did one a few years ago, and he’s noted for ‘classical furniture’ design… and it was $$$$$$$$.

I almost wanted one too… until I found out the price.


I figured it was a top dollar item. I love the simplicity and the mechanics. Twist one direction to expand and back the other direction to decrease the size.

It is really a very good idea on mechanical design. Is there someone can let me know the name and designer of this table?

Hi Sameulqin, it seems to me that you are looking for designers URGENTLY everywhere. However, i can say for sure that the table here is NOT suitable for the current marketing both in China and overseas, although I have to admit that the mechanism of this table is interesting.

Contact me and see whether I can be of assistance for you, please. I should NOT be far away from you given that you are located in Dongguan.

Phone Golf, it is nice to hear from you. Can you let me know your location? Our factory is in Humen.

I will say this is a very good piece of engineering. & with out some good calculation or match you can’t get such accuracy. did you noticed that at the beginning the table looks like other ordinary furniture. and after that when this guy is spreading the table it is opening like a lotus?