cool shades

so i am shopping for some new eyewear- any tips on designers?

Are you going to make your decision based on the design or the designer?

Tag Heuer 27degree
I own a pair and they are superlight, strong and comfortable. Well worth the extra money.
polymer and titanium alloy

J.F. Rey
Alain Mikli

Normally for prescription but you can get sunglasses put in with really good optics and coatings.


armani wrap arounds are the best, relatively conservative and still kickass.

you definitely dont want to look like a penis head jerk off with huge GUCCI logo on your temples and/or frog eye lenses

even IF your profession is “designer”

Uvex genesis - changes lens, anti scratc, anti fog adapts to your face, the works, All for 30 bucks! suRE , you look like a dork, but you cant have everything. I ride mountain bikes, and they´re great for that. But I use them on the street quite a lot and they work fine. Plus, you dont pay trough your guts for no fancy brand, and this alone more than compensates for the dorkish look :slight_smile: