Cool on ice by Lotus

Ice … created by Lotus with BMW motorcycle engine.


No. no model

Info link with video


sweet, I can finally show up that neighbor and his fancy ski-doo. I’ve been thinking about getting a new vehicle for my daily commute.

It’s nice. Only thing that isn’t so cool is usability. I read about this thing in Autocar…I think they want to take it across Antarctica. The problem is, the driver is completely exposed, making frost bite likely. Fun!

This is not new, although it is a particularly nice example of one. My cousin’s father is from Alberta oil country and they showed me photos of one that his grandfather made out of wood and a Model T engine. From what I can tell, he was copying something that was made by Bombardier. Can’t be sure, but Sikorsky himself did this kind of thing even earlier and the Bombardier machines may have been copies of those.

Sikorsky and Bombardier