"Cool" Hearing Aids?

Pretty much all my life I’ve had poor hearing but was always against wearing a hearing aid because they always looked so terrible. Unfortunately, as I’m getting older, I’m finding that this problem is becoming even more of one since it has the potential to affect my reputation at work.
So, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any good companies that provide good-looking, fashionable hearing aids as opposed to the companies that focus on “hiding” them.

My girlfriend is an ASL (American Sign Language) teacher so she has a lot of deaf friends.

I can tell you that all of the different types of hearing aids exist because of different ranges of hearing. You should go to a doctor and have your hearing checked out to see which type is correct for you. You may be able to get away with an in-ear hearing aid that’s virtually unnoticable.

No one will be upset or discriminate because you have a hearing aid. People WILL get upset if you become the guy thats constantly asking people to speak up or repeat things though.

Hey have you checked these out:

Designed by Jordan Nollman I believe, when he was at Astro?

There was an exhibition about 2 years ago at the Victoria and Albert museum in London called Hearwear (Content no longer available - Victoria and Albert Museum) where some of the UK’s biggest firms were invited to create concepts for hearing aids, they designed some interesting stuff. The exhibition site, however, is terribe - there aren’t even any photos of the designs! Doubt anything ever went to market though. Still, interesting.

Interesting. We have a student working on this very problem at the Hong Kong Polytechnic. It is her final project.

I think it’s amazing to look at eyewear. There are so many variations on corrective lenses, from the invisible (contact lenses) to the in your face overt. Could the hearing aide market have this level of variations?