cool froduct and furniture designers sogestion

im doing a project and need to reasirch different product and furniture designers.
thay need to produce products or furniter that affects people behavour.

people like:
Richard Hutten
Droog designers
El Ultimo grito

any other sugestions

ment product not froduct

here’s a start. Look these guys up.

tony dunne
cynthia hathaway
jurgen bey
architecture firm called concrete
go to ‘’ and look at the guest contributers
marti guixe
will wright (the sims site)

And how do you look these people up? No internet search has been able to find them. And i am sure they are designers, ect… of right now. I was not even able to find them in any magazine searches, past or present. How else would you suggest that I might be able to find out about these people.

thanks for the names i already new about tony dunne iv got a dunne and raby book i love there gps table ill look the others up

the azumi’s work can be found at, droog stuff at

marti guxie thanks I have been trying to find out who designed the “do” products from and hes one of the designers


I love pens