Cool Computer Bags???

Hello all-
Just wondering what everyone is using to carry their laptops… Please post links, pictures or whatever.


Currently using a 5 year old white and blue Freitag as my main bag, with a generic neoprene laptop sleeve floating around inside:

After the abuse of cycling to work, sitting on dirty office floors and being kicked around on planes, trains and tubes for 5 years the bag is starting to fray in a couple of corners and the rubber tubing around the edges is wearing thin or broken in some places and the bottom has gone from being pristine white to a kind of dirty grey.

Maybe I’ll look at getting something new this year. It depends if I can find a worthy replacement!

Just picked up a Crumpler myself. If you’re in NYC you can stop in and they’ll make a sweet custom bag to whatever you like.

They make some awesome camera bags, too.

First, I’ll support my own designs. I do actually enjoy the products I make/made at these two companies and use them on a daily basis. Most of the stuff I worked on is still coming to the market at both of these companies, so bear with the dated stuff. Both companies offer great pricing.
Full line of IT related sleeves, packs, bags, cases. I only work on the business/sport-driven/traveling lines, nothing of mine out to market yet, still getting samples made up.
More photography specific, but still offers laptop style cases, backpacks, etc.

my other favorites whom I haven’t done work for…

BOOQ makes some innovative, gorgeous stuff.

Another vote for Crumpler bags, Aussie style.

eBags, for the money, is amazing, amazing stuff. The eBags design team researches the reviews of all the other successful bags on their website (thousands and thousands per bag), finds what the customer really wants, and designs, almost to a fault as if reciting lines to a play, EXACTLY what the customer wants, and for a better price. But I’m still not a huge fan of their styling, very generic and two tone boring.

Boblbe makes a sick hardshell backpack. Feels great. Swedish design I believe. Looks like you’re a storm trooper. You will get questions wearing these packs, so plan on it. I’ve been asked if mine was a motorcycle seat at airport security.

I don’t get, nor do I enjoy Timbuk2, but they do have a cult following. I just don’t see why.

Chrome Bags are a great durable and stylish bag, if the fixie biker gangs didn’t stake their claim, I’d own one.

Tumi is pretty, but extraordinarily overpriced.

I think we’ve talked about this before somewhere…couldn’t find it when I searched the forum though.

I have a Tom Bihn Brain Cell when I just need something for my laptop:

And something similar to this newer UNITY from Nixon when I have lots of papers and gadgets to bring along:

I can’t pass up a chance for some self promotion.

For laptops:

For Photography:

Some of the items have been selling for years, but we just redesigned the Skooba site this year and released some new items.

There’s defiantly a lot to choose from out there.

I thought I had seen a similar thread also but I couldn’t find it.

Great stuff!! When are your new designs coming out??



Many of the products on the NaneuPro site I directly worked on, but I don’t claim full design credits. Specifically look at the Military line, their best line in my opinion. I worked out a lot of the human factors, materials, hardware, details, functions, costs, construction, sizing, etc- overall design revisions. The ground up designs that I did for Naneu should hit market sometime this year. Some industry firsts and other wild stuff.

I’m working on some really cool stuff for PacificDesign right now- can’t say much about that just yet. Products to market later in the year for sure.

I don’t really use a laptop bag, just use my eastpak bag pack and use an applesac sleeve, it’s pretty cool, but to be honest sometimes the burlap gets everywhere, all over my jeans, does my head in a bit.

FYI, The Pacific Design website seems offline

My SF roomate had a Chrome, very cool, dig the seat buckle. He was a fixie guy too

they also swore by Freight, said all the messengers had them because they were nearly waterproof. I don’t think they’re as nicely designed though and not specifically for laptops ( )

I’ve liked some of the InCase bags Ive seen lately too… the faux-fur laptop pocket is nice ( but probably not unique to them).

There’s another bag they make with separate rigid pockets inside for quckly stuffing pwr supply / laptop in when you’re on the go, which I really like. Other bags have pockets, but this one had rigid pockets when you open it, there is an open hollow for each item making it really painless to pack up/unpack quickly. Sorry, couldn’t find a picture…

The Ogio Boss computer/messenger bag takes organization seriously. It features dedicated pockets, complete with ID tags, that are designed to hold cords, discs, files, personal entertainment devices, sunglasses, airline tickets, and water bottles. It also offers a tough, padded sleeve to protect laptops up to 15-in wide. The Boss SS has a patented sling system that uses a special ergonomic cradle to apply pressure to both sides of you shoulders giving you that backpack like feel. The one thing I don’t like about the Ogio Boss SS is that the sling system can actually be a little cumbersome for short jaunts, but for lengthier walks its seems more than worth the hassle.

I checked Entermodal’s site and really liked their designs! Would this one fit more than just a laptop?
Pity that the bag would almost cost as much as the laptop it protects.

I also like this one from WalkOnWater, let’s hope it is available outside of Scandinavia…

ooo, that’s a nice one!

just found this thread… I’ve been using an ancient (15 years?) plain black LL Bean canvas messenger bag with an incase sleeve for a long time. It’s held up amazingly well though the waterproof coating has weathered off the inside. I think I could be due for a new bag :smiley:

I like some of the bags from freight, though the entermodal leather bags are drool worthy.

here’s the link to the other thread by the way

Couple of old pictures:

^^^ Sweet bag! I don’t have to enlist to get it do I?

Nope, made in the states locally by a company called TAD Gear :smiley:

How about these cool Laptop bags?