Cool clock radio?

I used to have this guy. It worked perfectly. Good snooze, clear on/off, and the alarm setting function was balls dude! The plastic lense simply had an arrow on it, you turned the lens (which nicely clicked BTW) to position the arrow (9 o’clock position in above photo) where you wanted the alarm to go off.

My sophmore year of college I was living in the dorms, I had the top bunk, and in a fit of hang over fury I slammed down on the snooze, it feel down to the tile floor and busted. You can’t find those things anywhere.

Okay, my favorite so far is the S+ARCK (thanks CAM!)

Trick features (weather, atomic-clock, “crescendo alarm,” projector) nice look, cool interface.

No worries mate :wink:

If you do buy one of the starck ones could you maybe post a bit of a review of it in this thread?

I’ld be pretty keen on getting one but they dont sell them over here so I’ld have to get it imported from the US.


That last lot that ‘Yo’ posted seem very nice too.

this is on sale at the Virgin store in NYC for $40 and it is gimicky but not repulsive – has a touchless snooze also.

I have come to prefer a Braun travel alarm above all else. It is by far the easiest alarm to set – one twist of the knob and you are done. I can’t believe what a difference that simplicity makes at the end of the day. It has only what I need – snooze and a light with a momentary on button. No radio, though.

I cant find an image on its own to post so you have to go to the link below.
Beautiful clean design.
Great website for other products too.

Just right click on any image you see on the web and open it’s properties. You can copy and paste the image url:

I do love this clock… But what about features?

PS: My wife told me she loves the idea of the ceiling projection on that Starck so that she doesn’t have to get up and lean over me to see the time… I wonder if anyone makes a “split” alarm clock for each side of the bed? Time and radio station can be mirrored, but A and B alarms can localize.

So I thought I was sold on the $500 Starck when reality hit me.

For $429 I can buy a Dell PC with a 17" monitor.
Then add a touchscreen for $219

And it turns out there’s plenty of alarm-clock software already out there.
Plus I could use Microsoft’s Active Desktop to tile live weather, traffic etc. pulled off my WiFi network.

Guess that clock isn’t so hot after all.

Thats great for the ugly, over built Blade Runner look. Just spill some coffee on itt and spread some old photo’s around for that dirty, Riddley Scott feel. You gotta have a big night stand?

That’s a hold CTRL key and click for us Mac people. (select open image in new window from the pop up menue and copy paste that url)

Why not design something, and gut a cheapo that’s halfway decent to actually build it?

Maybe we could turn this into a slam?

Are we not designers?

i have this great SMASH method for turning of the alarm in the morning, unfortunately that means i have to replace my clock at least once a year. I just destroyed a sony dream machine that i really liked and ran out to target to replace it, their stock of clock radios was pretty low but i found this jenson piece and i thought it didn’t look too terrible so i’d give it a shot.


the display is not unlike the sun, not a desirable trait in somethine that you need to sleep next too.

the alarm automatically resets everyday, so if say you want to sleep in on the weekends, you need to do some complicated contortionist manuevers involving handstands ands hoola hoops to turn the alarm off and then repeat them to reactivate it on sunday night.

i still haven’t figured out the snooze button, the directions state that the snooze button will give you 9 more minutes of sleep time, only problem is, any other button will shut the alarm off, and the snooze button is in a three button lineup, so every morning i think i hit the snooze button alas nine minutes later i am just drifting back into a deep sleep requiring my girlfriend to poke me in the ribs to keep from being late.

But the digitized short loop “nature” sounds make it worth the $18 i paid for it.

I’ve seen this at Target and wished I needed a new Clock Radio…

Feels a little cheap, but the price is good and it looks clean…

Heres one from Sony’s Liv series, has something called the snoozinator?

i saw that memorex jawn, but it looked to fragile for my SMASH method, maybe i’ll give it a shot though since i plan on returning the jensen.

I saw some nice clocks from Oregron Scientific at CES. There are too many to list or link, but their website address is:

This Boston Acoustics clock radio has a sort of retro-simple feel - worth a look if that does anything for you. It gets good reviews…

Reviews posted here…


Theres a clock here that a student in the UK designed. It connects to the internet and checks your route to work for traffic and adjusts the get up time accordingly so you get as much sleep as possible

I’ve seen this at Target and wished I needed a new Clock Radio… >

Feels a little cheap, but the price is good and it looks clean…

I agree that it is pretty slick looking. Unfortunately looks can be deceiving. It’s less fragile than it seems, but the button arrangement and assignment is HORRIBLE. It DOES stand up a a bit up a beating though as I tend to kick this SNOOZE button to activate it…

Sorry for reposting this image

But how are the numbers displayed on the surface?
I can’t figure it out :blush:

…Not displayed “on,” displayed “through.”