Convert Rhino model to low poly

Hi. is there any good way to convert Rhino NURBS model to Polygon model with squares and convert that model to low poly mesh for game assets ant etc.? As I know when I export nurbs model from Rhino to 3ds max, Rhino converts it to triangles. I can’t find any tutor how I can export model to 3ds max, modo, maya or C4D with 4-sided polygons.

You are looking to convert to Quads.

Maya should be able to import the native NURBS surfaces and convert them to quads.

Rhino has a built in tool to quadrangulate a NURBS surface but from what I’ve googled it looks like it may not be completely foolproof and will revert to triangles when it can’t properly resolve.

This is one solution…

can use above plugin… or use Zbrush (zremesher), Mudbox or 3DCoat. Personally I prefer Zbrush and the zremesher tool for knocking down to a quadbased mesh as you can easily reproject the detail onto the quad based mesh afterwards.