convert powerpoint 2007 into dvd for viewing on tv

I created a powerpoint 2007 slide show with movie clips and sound links and wanted to create a dvd that would play on any computer or tv without having to own a copy of powerpoint 2007. I’ve tried all sorts of software converters and desktop recorders ( camtasia, authorpoint, etc) but nothing works perfectly. Any thoughts or suggestions?

what about playing the presentation on your computer while running a screen capture program?..should be able to get a .MOV or something and convert it to DVD format with imovie or the like.


yeah, that’s what Camtasia does. it records anything running on your desktop, but the problem is that when both programs are running simultaneously, the very slow fades in pp get choppy even when I use the graphics accelerator option. And my computer has a 3GH processor and 2GB RAM. Plus it doesn’t record the movie clips that are in pp, but just a black screen.

But if I run pp by itself, the fades are perfectly smooth.

Not anywhere near my specialty, but can you directly output to a VCR - recording while the PP plays, and then have the VHS transferred to DVD? Or maybe there is a DVD recorder that records in real time.

Do the video clips in the PP presentation have DRM of some kind?

Well, an easy solution first would be to drop the fades and other power point effects. That stuff distracts from your material, and wastes the time of your participants.

I think there is a DVD recorder that I can output to directly, but not sure. That would be nice, but I’m not sure if formatting is an issue.

I think I’ll drop the music too since I wouldn’t want to add more distraction…and drop the movie clips too. Not much left, is there?


better just print it out then

I believe you can export powerpoints as quicktime movies, from quicktime (or vid editing software like iMovie) you can burn a DVD and drop music in etc.

converting PPT to movie…

there are …couple of website, where it explains how to transfer PPT slides to Flash.

add music … more options for slide transition.
then go for movie option.

-Understanding of basic Flash is required.

Any coversion software (PPT to Movie) gerenally convert text (from PPT) as a image while in Flash it will be vector…so better output.