Converse sketches

Side project sketching exercise-

Revival Converse style, based on the Pro Team, Pro Star, Pro Leather, Weapon. Overall design focused on ankle support and use of large, high quality leather panels in reference to the original leather styles.

No overcomplicated technical story here, just exploration of pattern and minimal overlays with links to the original forms. Some patterns are flipped (ie. overlay becomes an underlay) and others are exaggerated in size/proportion.

comments welcome. Will proceed in between real work.


Trying to get Yo to hire you? :wink:

haha, no. just thought i’d try something… im all about refreshing old brands, and converse has lots of potential (as im sure Michael [yo] knows).


Hey R, really like your sketching. That splatter of ink really livens up your work. Gives it that sketchy feel. Noticed you seem to do it with most of your sketching. Is it just simply a splatter of ink?

Rich, real nice. Here are the ones I like the most…

thanks for the comments.

the ink splatter is just some marker ink with rubbing alcohol flicked onto the page with the end of a pencil. I do it sometimes to add a bit of zip, and also have scanned in some random splatters i sometimes add in photoshop while doing the composition of sketches to highlight (or hide) elements. dont always do it, but sometimes the effect works to hold a composition together if the sketches are loose.



What pen do you use? I’m having real problems with biro/marker smudge.



im normally a Pilot Hi-Techpoint (rollerball) pen guy. been experimenting lately with pencil. The above sketches are B pencil and a bit of copic markers.