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Thought I would post this here:

Job Details
Company: Converse
Location: US – North Andover, Massachusetts
Job Level: Senior Staff
Field: Fashion/Apparel
Job Functions: Design
Everyone needs shoes.
It’s pretty fundamental: You’ve got to wear shoes-at least in public places like on buses, in restaurants and at work. Mostly you wear them because you have to, or because you like to, or just because it’s a downright smart idea to do so.
And that’s good for you, and for us, as it translates into a little thing called job security.

Responsible for managing four or more designers and/or professional employees who perform related and/or diverse tasks within the Converse Sport Authentics Design (SA) group and/or outside design resources agencies to develop effective, on-target design solutions, programs and strategies. Leads the development of the creative vision in conjunction with Creative Director, stories and strategies for the Converse SA team through leveraging heritage silhouettes, trend relevant graphics patterns/colors and new product creation across all aspects of product/brand applications.


Collaborates and provides functional Graphic /Product design direction and consulting expertise to the SA team that provide a unified and collective voice in support of Converse’s global design ethos.
Provide design guidance, expert domestic and international knowledge of the SA consumer silos, consumer trends, marketing trends/opportunities, new approaches to product creation and overall business leadership; translate knowledge to high impact creative solutions.
Responsible for leading, influencing and/or integrating a variety of design disciplines. This to include graphic design, product design, print design and product merchandising. Creates seasonal global footwear packages for Converse inline, deliveries and focused Converse Retailers; develops design briefs (with product marketing), process and strategies that ensure creative excellence.

Communicates SA design concepts to various internal and external audiences. Presents ideas and direction to executive level management.
Provides appropriate business, design, consumer, and cultural story-telling within the context and parameters necessary. Leads the development of appropriate sell-in tools to effectively communicate concepts and strategies.


Leads own SA team and provides functional direction/insight to the larger Converse Design group by establishing direction, key concepts, strategies and brand positioning. Responsible for staff CFE review process. Builds team, mentors and coaches staff and direct reports. Responsible for scheduling and managing workload for direct reports. Works with leadership team to develop strategies for managing workload. Reviews all graphic/product design work and creative solutions.


Creates and manages own seasonal/annual project load, for a limited number per season, within the overall design workload of the category or group. May work on cross-categorical projects that support design or creative initiatives and innovation.

Contributes strategically to the business component of the SA team.
Maintains awareness of Dept. budgets, HR planning and staffing including Converse footwear strategies and initiatives. Responsible for managing personal travel & entertainment expenses and related budgets; ensures staff is current (with all expense reporting) and that related business travel can occur as required. Contributes to Creative Recruitment and recommends design talent to Design Management. Serves on Design selection team for all Portfolio Reviews, and participates in interviewing and design events that attract and engage potential talent for Converse.
Specific Skills
-College Degree - Industrial Design, Graphic, Marketing or related field. 8+ years related experience, including previous success in a managerial role including project management in a Research, Design & Development environment.
-Proven record in creative visioning and strategic thinking around consumer products or business.
-Exceptional application of design skills including high level concept development.
-Experience in Footwear with proven ability to incorporate marketing and branding principles in design.
-Strong verbal and written communication skills in local market language, including meeting facilitation and presentations.
-Capable of effectively elevate strategic concerns to executive team in a timely and accurate manner. -Periodic travel including domestic and international.
-Irregular working hours around Concept Debut and Product Creation schedule.
Web-Based Applications
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How To Apply

some senior and mid level positions will go up this week.

The other 2 positions went up today:

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post them in here. These positions will both be working directly with NBA athletes, our Sport Research Lab, our Heritage Basketball designers (working on retro re-releases), as well will be reporting to me.


Thanks for posting this information here, I have few questions since you have offered to answer some of them.

Being a product of Nike “Converse” What is the realistic relationship between the two ie. is Con’s an equal sibling, bastard cousin or distant step child?

Who is the target audience and price point?

How many Sku’s per season/how many seasons per year?

Are you looking for a lifestyle brand or an athletic brand of apparel ie. under armor or artful dodger aesthetic I only chose these two for extreme comparison?

As a designer would I be able to create my own samples for fit and function from which I would develop the tech packs or do you subscribe to the build the tech pack and hit or miss with the pre-production samples coming from the manufacturer or sample maker shop? I ask this because I have found that having a working and correct fitting “prototype/sew by” along with the detailed tech pack results with a close to the mark first run sample in the end eliminating wasted time. Ideally I would be able to spend time at the sample/production sample shop overseeing the counter top samples then return to the States for first showing meetings.

As a designer am I able to develop hardware and various other notions and fabrics or do I have to use the established sourced materials?

What about packaging and presentation? As a designer would I have an inclusion with this aspect as well?

What type of access would I have to the sales team before, during and after the new season development cycle?

As with almost everything apparel needs to tell a story that defines the collection, with so many voices “NBA athletes, our Sport Research Lab, our Heritage Basketball designers (working on retro re-releases), as well will be reporting to me.” who’s voice will be heard for the initial direction?

I still believe that Converse is one of the last brands that has everything it needs to continue to be a major player in the foot and apparel industries but as you know the line is getting finer and finer and walking it will be darn near impossible.

Lastly, could the designer work remotely or is relocating to Andover a must? I lived in Wellesley, Ma for a bit and I would prefer going west :slight_smile: brrrrrrrrr :confused:

Thanks for your time and offer to take questions. I understand that you may not be able to, or want to answer all of these questions but these are some that immediately come to mind.

Take Care,

Both positions are industrial design based footwear design positions for performance shoes. The jobs are on site in North Andover. I realize it is listed under fashion/apparel on coroflot, sorry for the confusion.

Thanks for the clarification.

NBA athletes+research lab…Interesting opportunity!

I want to be a footwear designer, but most of the entry level positions I come across with require internship programs. Although salary is not my primary reason of entering the industry, it would be nice to have a decent pay. I am currently practicing as an architect here, although I would give it up anytime to be a footwear designer. I know this is not the right forum for this, just stumbled upon the job opening. Got any tips? You guys are soooo lucky.

A bunch more positions are live on coroflot:

The latest is for a JR CAD modeler.

awesome opportunities!..good to see some companies taking on more when so many are letting go. Good news!