Converse Evo's

This guy has been out on a court a bit last season… but it drops this August. A little pre intro on… check out this dork explaining it… the camera ads 10 pounds so easy on me…



pretty much sold :wink:

+ but I want some fun lifestyle colorways

and oddly enough after looking for some new shoes online for over an hour earlier today, I pretty much narrowed it down to another shoe with EVO in the name


That ‘star - chevron’ logo is where its AT for converse. The dark navy Wade style with the big cut-out panels looks awesome too, nice lines.

(also love the name ‘Balls Technology’… no homo etc)

Can we see some sketching / development artwork…?

Very cool :slight_smile:

Converse Balls. :slight_smile: Can’t stop grinning. How long did it take before you could present that with a straight face? :slight_smile:

I can’t put my finger on it but, the Weapon Evo has some very subtle tightening up of the classic BB silhouette and shoe lines. Very handsome.

vid 1. no glasses.

vid 2. glasses.

diggin the wade clutch 2.


agreed… how did you pull that off?!? we cant even present a name that is even close to anything with a connotation like that without people shouting “objection!”.

looks nice though, not too modern of a take on the classic shoe. Oh and props for throwing Bernard King in the mix.

Seriously. I had to keep myself from laughing out loud. Then again, I chuckle every time someone says “duties.”

Very cool Yo, I think the converse balls tech is a great idea. Very much a “progressive spring” but low profile. I also dig the retro look, herring-bone tread!

hahahaha… balls technology.

Are they friggin’ serious? Balls technology.

When I was at adidas they almost called the technology after A3 (A cubed)… A-hole technology… hehe.

LOL…Balls technology. I can’t believe that made it to retail. I had come up with a less refined version of this cushioning about 7 years ago and called it “SRS”. spherical response system. I could have saved myself a lot of thinking! lol sweet.

Nice work Yo. Very similar to what Nike has done with their Air Force 25.
Modern + Retro = Very sxy

I’m guessing Balls is easy and catchy. I wonder what other names you cycled through before going with Balls.

converse has balls
converse weapon evo has balls get a pair

sorry couldnt resist really nice update on a classic

Will do, a bunch of the sketches will be in a major magazine, so will have to wait until after that date…

Huge team effort on this one, myself and Brian Kutsch on the design side, and Alex Alpert and Chris Edington on the development side, plus many others along the way.

Great work Michael…I always loved the original Weapon (I wore them when I was younger) and I have to say that I love the new restyling also…great job!!

hahahaha… balls technology.

Are they friggin’ serious? Balls technology.

The balls technology has been around for about 7 years. When I worked at Converse they always had to be ‘Blue Balls’ when they were exposed in a shoe!!..

The name could be worked on. ‘Balls technology’ sounds like it should be a kids shoe technology. I guess marketing was on vacation during that meeting. It should sound more ‘tech’ like, ‘Spherical Compression System’ or some other bullshit term.

YO… good job! It’s a great update to a classic shoe.


you headed to NYC for the tourney Yo?

No, unfortunately, a lot of plates spinning at the moment!

I suppose you may have more pressing issues than watching musician play basketball, sounds like a fun event though, my money is on Jim Jones.

location is still TBA I guess

Limited colorways are out!