Converse El-Diablo Artwork

Here is a digital painting (poster) i made after a Converse shoe that i designed (the El-Diablo).

That’s pretty dope! I like the shoe alot as well. Post it up.


Hey, nice work! Looks wicked awesome!
One thing regarding the shoe. You have an even number of those circles on the side of the shoe. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure there’s an aesthetic rule that you should always have an odd number of an element like that. Other than that I like the shoe. The contrast stitching really sets it off.

AK: It’s true that groupd in odd numbers appeal more to the eye…but if I were you, I would forget about “rules” and work with what you feel when you see it. Rules are only made to be broken.


That is a crazy poster, great stuff! I love it!

While it is true that odd numbers tend to be more dynamic than even, that typically applies to repeated forms (think Nike Alpha dots, Adidas 3 stripes, K Swiss 5 stripes) and is not always a hard and fast rule (the 2 chevrons for Hummel and the 4 chevrons of a Sergeants patch are both dynamic based on the power of the chevron form)

In this case I don’t think that guideline applies because the circles are all different sizes.