control Variable fillet intersections in Alias

Hi guys
I am going for something very specific here: is there a way to snap a variable fillet point to where other surfaces meet?
I’ve tried a few tricks, but still nothing works. The second and fourth fillet point (see pic) are very close to where the other surfaces meet, but not quite, and i admit not to understand very well what those numbers imply in the fillet but i’m pretty sure it has something to do with the chord value. Am i missing something here?

Never mind, solved it!
didn’t use fillet though.

I’d have to double check but you may be able to control + alt snap the handles to the isoparms since it works in other tools. I generally never use the fillet tools in Alias though so that may not work.

tried that, but no.

I use the fillet to just fine tune intersections so i can make new curves, project, and do the whole thing with just a Blend. Somehow it worked!