I’m sure this topic has been brought up before, but I had a hard time finding information on client -designer work contracts.

Does anyone have informaton on how to go about setting up a contract, or know of any key points to include in one?

Also does anyone know were I could find a generic contract that I acould adapt to suit design work?


Haven’t checked these in a while so some might be dead. Many are web related but its a good start:

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Your best option is to consult an attorney. Cookie cutter contracts don’t offer the specific protection you need for State, business etc.

Contracts need to be very specific. Protecting you and the client. I spent about 1.5k to have a contract specific to my company. I would do it over, again without thinking. The 1.5k has saved me thousands due to misinterpretation, collections etc.

Just found one more while surfing:

Mostly for graphic design. Inlcudes:
Art Approval Sheet
Creative Strategy
Job Jacket
Mileage & Expense Report
Print Questionnaire
Web Questionnaire
Terms and Conditions

Thanks guys, this is a wealth of knowledge that I will begin to process.