Contracts - Not to Big - Not to Small?

Hi, I have spent a ton of time cobbling together a contract agreement to use as an ID Freelancer from various sources around the web and books like NOLO Contract Guide, Graphic Arts Guild Guidelines, AIGA Guidlines. I have found that it is about 2 pages long in 10pt.

I don’t want to ask too much about specifics since it is such a tedious subject, but does anyone know of a nice short ID contract that covers the basics and is not too long? - Any Thoughts??

Also how do people feel about separating work into Preliminary Work and Final Work, where you only turn over the rights for the Final Work and keep the rights to the Preliminary Work? For example if you were contracted to do a new lamp design from sketches to control drawing and provide say 4 concept sketches. Preliminary Work would be the 4 concept sketches and the Final Work would be the subsequent work in developing the one concept the Client likes. Upon final payment you would turn over all rights to the concept they picked and the subsequent development work. - Any Thoughts??

I bought this book a while ago. It has some good boilerplate templates.

Thank You Loonatic, I think that book looks pretty good, will get.

I second that recommendation. I would also recommend picking up “Talent is not Enough: Business Secrets for Designers”. It’s one of the best resources I’ve found for my freelance work.