Contracting Advice

I am facing a problem with a new customer. He wants me to sign a contract that I will return him money back if the prototype builded based on my design does not work.
Is this typical request or this one is crazy??!!
If I design every thing upon his design requirements isn’t the job done.
Than the phrase “does not work” is a little bit very open phrase, people can have different opinios over the same product.
I need some advice how can I approach this case.
Thank you!


If not, walk. Better yet, run.

This is not standard practice.

The following is not a legal advise - it’s only for entertainment purposes :sunglasses:

If the job is a major one then seek a legal counsel to obtain the job. You’re right that the client’s request, as is written, is over-reaching and unreasonable.

The standards of satisfaction can be either subjective or objective. If the design can somehow be tested against a certain objective threshold, then maybe the client’s request is not so unreasonable. However, such an agreement should be very narrow - whether your design meest the client’s specific criteria, and nothing more.