Contracted creed

I like contracted creed, some small things can give a person infinite enlightenment, some gives a person a kind of special feeling, and share with you, I hope you are able to put their favorite also share to everyone.



I love Creed. :laughing:

thank you!

yULU, I understand the words “creed” and “contract”. I do not understand “contracted creed”? It is not a term I am familiar with (in English).

creed (krēd), noun

  1. A formal statement of religious belief; a confession of faith.
  2. A system of belief, principles, or opinions: laws banning discrimination on the basis of race or creed; an architectural creed that demanded simple lines.
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contract (kŏn’trăkt’)

  1. noun … a written agreement
  2. a verb … to make smaller, or shorter … a muscle contracts, and/or to make a contract (the noun) as when a company contracts a designer to work for them.
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