Contoured Mechanical Pencil

Hey, i’m new to these boards. Well, I’m new to industrial design in general – I’m a junior in high school who has recently switched his career aspirations from graphic design to industrial design, and this is all foreign to me, haha.

I downloaded Rhino yesterday and did a crash course on modeling/rendering and created this design (which has been in the back of my mind for a week).

The idea is that your fingers squeeze into the pencil rather than wrap around it, making it more comfortable and ergonomic. The gel grip has enough resistance so that it doesn’t sink into the pencil when you grip it, yet still is soft and moldable.

I need to start working on a portfolio for college applications – would this work as a portfolio piece? It’s nothing groundbreaking, I know, but I need to start somewhere, right?

Any suggestions/crits/tips would be great, thanks.

I suggest you make a prototype of your pen and see how it feels, and if your assumtion that it would be more ergonomic and comfortable is correct. Then, you improve on it. That would make a good portfolio piece.

Hey Lazarus,

After thirty+ years of holding my pen ‘a bit funny’ and sketching pretty much every day, I have developed a mean callus lump on one of my fingers. So the thought of there being just the right amount of squidgy gel forgiveness in a pencil sounds very appealing to me!

I guess manufactures have hinted at this idea with sculpted contours and nice anti-slip rubbery textures on pens (wacom) in the past, but i’ve yet to see the type of forgiving resistance you’re proposing.

In fact, now that I’m imagining it, I really would really love a pen like this! I’m totally fed up of my finger and pen squabbling over the same place in space.

Bravo you!

Do a Google search for Sensa pen…

Thought I’d seen that pen before.

You’re only a junior and you’re already using cad programs?!? Wow. This is definitely a good piece modeling-wise, but to get into a design school, you need to show a lot of sketching and ideating ability. I’d like to see some pages from your sketchbook.


I have never used one of these but it sounds like the grip is filled with some liquid, and the inset of the casing for the grip is only a little bit thinner than the rest of the pen. It doesn’t seem like you’d grip _in_to the pen all that much.

I see your point though… the overall idea is similar.
Ugh :

Thanks. :slight_smile:
I think I need to improve on my sketching abilities over this summer then. I mean, I can sketch OK, but I need to improve.

Random sketches/thumbnails

Pencil sketch