Continuing to master’s level education, for a non-ID degree? Experiences, ideas?

So, as the topic says, I’m considering studying a master’s degree from some non-ID programme, and would like to hear any experiences or ideas people here might have.

Some basic info about me first. I have a bachelor degree degree in industrial design, but have never really worked as an industrial designer. Nearest thing for ID that I have worked was a kind of really basic level mechanical engineering job that I did for a couple of months for ship cabin manufacturing company. Basically drawings and assemblies of parts in Solidworks, according to instructions.

All the other design jobs I have had have been UI/ UX design. That is also what I’m doing at the moment, I’m a UI/ UX designer in one startup ( around 50 employees). I graduated 3 years ago and I have soon 5 years of experience in digital design since I worked already during the studies ( I’m 37 btw, not 27 what maybe readers thought from my graduation time. I studied ID around my thirties). The reason why I’m considering continuing to the master’s is that at least in my country, I sense the tech industry bubble growing and growing although it should have burst already years ago. So, I believe some kind of downturn is coming, and I have a bad feeling that tech industry is going to take a lot of hit. Studying master’s would be my plan B, studying is cheap here where I live, and it’s always better be already readily studying some extra, if it happens the downturn would get also me kicked out of work.

Why not ID master’s then? In my country, over the past 25 years, they have moved almost all industrial manufacturing to China. Or well not all, not the manufacturing of road bridge structures or huge industrial machines with zero amount of industrial design in them. But all consumer appliance and goods manufacturing and almost all furniture manufacturing has been moved to China. Even people lot more skilled in ID than me, have had to pivot to other design fields in my country.

So with these premises, do you guys have any suggestions what fields would be good for studying master’s? Both ideas as well as firsthand experiences are welcome! And I am considering also studies from fields which would require some additional basic studies as a “bridge” to get qualified for applying as a Bachelor of Arts. I have so far applied to only one master’s program, the results have not come yet. It is about urban planning, and would be interesting field to study, but it’s also a very popular master’s programme, only 10% of applicants get in.

This is going to be a tough one for someone else to answer. If you want to switch careers I think it’s going to be largely up to what you are interested in doing. What do you enjoy? Do you prefer to plug away at a computer? Work with your hands? Sketch? Manage people? Research? Teach?

There may be a tech bubble to some degree, and company stocks will rise and fall, but I highly doubt technology as a whole is going anywhere. It’s getting hard to find a product or commercial space without a digital interface anymore, so barring a worldwide catastrophe I suspect UX/UI will be around for while.

In my opinion, having both a bachelors and masters degree in ID is largely irrelevant. If you wanted to get into physical products, you already have the undergraduate degree, so just work on your skills as needed and build up a portfolio rather than pursuing more education. Honing your skills will be a more valuable use of your time, because ultimately you’ll need to be able to do the work, not just have another line on your resume.

But hey, if you are interested in another field and don’t mind spending the time and money on higher education, it shouldn’t hurt anything.

Just curious, what country are you from? Always interesting to hear the state of the field from around the world.