Continue working or start studying

Hi Everyone

I have been following the discussion board for a while and thought i would seek your advice in my dilemma.

Last summer i graduated with a bachelor in IT and product design (a design education at a computer science department). I decided to get some real life experience before continuing my studies. I am now doing my second internship.

Since the bachelor was located at the computer science department, I have not had proper design training (sketching, form, color, visual communication). Have a look at my portfolio if you like Therefore, I have long been thinking about doing a one-year course in industrial design (IDI) at Umeå in Sweden (a kinda pre-master). This would give me an opportunity to strengthen my core design skills.

My situation now is that i have been accepted for the program and have been offered to stay as a junior interaction designer after my internship ends this summer.

I would like some advice on what to do and the pros and the cons.

My own conclusion so far is that none of the two choices will be bad for me. Working and then pursuing a master next summer would be the safe rational choice and going to Umeå would be the more exciting and adventurous choice.


Though I have not attended the 1 year program in Umeå myself, I have heard really good things about it and several of my classmates in Stockholm during my ID Masters had done it.

Getting accepted to it is a great chance and I am pretty sure, you would not regret it.
Assuming you are a EU citizen, it will be tuition free for you as well as the Masters that might follow, should you decide to stay in Sweden.

Maybe you can talk to your current boss about reconnecting with the company later down the line. A higher education of quality will only make you more valuable.


I have visited the school once, and i really liked it. I am sure I will learn a lot.

My concerns are that my profile after the IDI program will be a little mixed up. I like interaction design, but currently I feel I might fed up with doing websites and screen based interaction. My passion is more experience design and tangible interaction concepts like this one at my portfolio My concern is that this kind of projects only exists at students portfolios and that the industry does not request this kind of skills.

People tend to tell me that I should just do what I like the most and that everything will work out. But I would hate spending a year going down a dead end.

Does anyone have any comments/thoughts about the path I will be taking enrolling the course at Umea?

Any posts is appreciated.

Do you need to work? As in: you are young with no obligations or liabilities? You don’t need the money? Stay in school - nothing to be in a hurry for. You won’t have the same freedom to explore your creativity in a job. Enjoy it while you can. You portfolio will be better for it. Good Luck!