Continue education in non-Western countries

Hi everyone!

Before I go and ask you for input on my situation, ‘briefly’

about me
22 years old
3 years in Australia
so far 2 years in the UK as part of my degree.

my course
I am in my fourth semester currently studying MEng “Product Design and Manufacture” in the UK, and I really enjoy it. It’s a 4+1 (one year placement) year Engineering degree with about 1/4 of Industrial Design in a creative sense. To me this mix is really appealing, as I love to develop new ideas take them through to the prototype stage or a little further, but also need technical subjects such as mechanics, maths, physics or material science to keep my mind spinning.

In semesters 5 and 6 I have opted to do an industrial placement, which happens to be in the same town I’m studying in at the moment.

the problem
If I finish my degree at my university, that will mean I have stayed at the same place for 5 years consecutively, which is longer than I have ever stayed in a single place before. So even though I enjoy it here, I feel I’m not getting the most out of my education in terms of new experiences, broadening my horizon and “seeing the world”.

Because I have spent some years in Germany, Australia and the UK, I do not want to go to another Western country, e.g. US, Canada, or European countries. Instead, I’m much more considering Asia, India and South America.

the options
I could either switch back into the BEng route, finish one year earlier and take a different course at Master’s level somewhere else. That would be 3+1 years for the Bachelor plus placement and 2 years for the Master.
I’d probably take this opportunity to study a degree different to the one I’m doing now.


I could take the last year of my Master’s at a different university, in a different country. The course would have to be quite similar to my current one, so that I can transfer my credits.
Our university has agreements with several European institutions, and, in particular, with the National University of Singapore.

Unfortunately, NUS appears to be only offering super-technical degrees such as Mechanical Engineering, which I think I would not do too well in.

the input request
What is your take on doing (a) the Bachelor plus a different Master, vs (b) the quick Master route (skipping the Bachelor) with a one year studied abroad.

Depending on (a) or (b), can you suggest courses, universities or more generally countries that I should consider?

for taking the time to read all of this and for your input!


I see no prob on changing the direction of your studies from your Bachelor to your Master…

As for universities outside the “western world”, last summer i happened to be almost for 2 months at the “The Hong Kong Polytechnic University”. Super facilities, super people, international environmnet and Hong Kong!!! amazing city and hey! you are in the middle of Asia!!! easy to get anywhere!

Good Luck at your new experiences! if i was in your shoos (and age…hehe) i would definitely go to Asia… (maybe Japan also, Tokyo more specificaly but you REALLY have to learn Japanese).

I am at The Hong Kong Polytechnic university (thanks for the praise, Alexandros) I am a bachelor level teacher in industrial Design and a Masters student in the weekend program. I am loving it. The Masters level I am in requires that you have been in the work environment for 5 years, but there are other masters programs.

If any of you want to ask for more information on the masters programs at HK PolyU then email Yes, this goes a general email address but it should get filtered through.

Hey Tim and Alexandros,

thanks for your input, Hong Kong sounds great and I’m especially delighted to see they offer a one year MA program. I’ve given it all some thought, and I think what would be best (for me) is to finish my MEng in the UK and then go to HK for another Master’s. Or do part of my MEng at Delft, then go to HK.

I would still like to get more input, on other Hong Kong unversities (there’s like six or so!) and other options that come to your mind.


Hi Jot,

NUS do offer Masters of Arts in Industrial Design since a few years ago (actually, also Phd). The Masters are by Research - i.e. you propose a topic and carry out research under a supervisor, rather than by Coursework (where there are instructors etc).

The website doesn’t show the programme information though, so I’m not sure if you’d be able to transfer your credits. Maybe you can try contacting Wilson Ting at for further information.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the only Hong Kong school to offer a Bachelor or Masters in Design.

Thank you Tim, and subboar. I have contacted Wilson for information on the degree.

I am so glad I am starting to figure out my future education, thank you all!