Contentment: money vs. labor of love

Without giving away personal details, does anyone on here make less than they’d like or hope for – yet still wake up each morning happy and eager to get to work?

I’m asking because I personally think that ones performance and dedication to their work will always be the best if money is not looked at as the primary objective. I understand full well the importance of making enough to live well, but should that goal take precedence to enjoying your work and doing the best you can simply because you love what you do?

There are MBAs who work in sterile office environments and make six-figures, but some of those whom I’ve encountered don’t seem very excited when they leave for work in the morning.

Hope what I said doesn’t sound confusing. I’m just saying that I’d definitely be content making less $$ but still be spending my whole life dedicated to a craft that I enjoy tremendously. Look at Eames and his wife… almost every photo they look so happy working together… smiling. You couldn’t pull the man away from his career and offer him a different job. He didn’t exactly look like a man who had too many regrets in his last days.

Any thoughts?

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i’ve been laid off twice in my career, each position after that i was just happy to be doing what i loved. my last job i made half as much as now, but it was more interesting. my current position has allowed me more success. i think i crossed the “experience” bridge. i had reached the point where i was better at what i do than i thought and someone else recognized it. fortunately, i didn’t get screwed in the salary because i sort of threw out a figure on a lark and it was pretty much accepted.

there is no such thing as the perfect job.

the money is nice, but i always put my integrity first. if it were to become jeopardized i would not hesitate to leave.

i would take less if it meant i were able to follow a path i want to take, but everything comes at a price. i’ve learned that sometimes my goals have a way of being met in ways i never anticipated. isn’t that life though? :wink: